February 7, 2019

A.J.’s Family Portraits

Families, Photographer: Carter

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Best Wake Forest Family photographer with family with two daughters playing by the river photo

Guys. Carter is truly the BEST Wake Forest Family Photographer. Six months later and I’m still obsessed with these. My beautiful family. These capture us so perfectly.

Little Isla with her teeny tiny pony tail right after she turned one. Ada newly four, and full of personality. Wrangling two kids in the heat of August, isn’t for the faint of heart. But we made it happen, and I’m so glad we did.

Sessions like this don’t just happen though. This took work, effort, time and an investment. I had this vision for months. I had an end goal in mind of what I wanted to print and hang on my walls at home. Going into it with that goal, relaying that to Carter, then letting her work with me to make it happen is why these photos are so perfectly us. She was able to capture what I wanted (a large scale, scenic, lifestyle portrait) plus so much more. I was able to take that one goal into the shoot, let the rest go, and trust her 100%. Wow, did she deliver!!!

I searched hard for the perfect location that fit my vision, and didn’t even find this one until the day before my shoot. We had to wade through knee deep mucky water to get there, but it was so worth it. Carter still hates me for it! She refuses to go back again now that she knows what it entails, but she did it for me that one time, and I’ll love her forever because of it!

We advertise mini shoots regularly with her, which she loves doing! And they’re perfect for those super short attention spans that toddlers have. We don’t plan on changing that system anytime soon, because it works and our clients love it! We also don’t want you to be scared to ask if you have a vision like I did! Reach out to us, tell us all about it, send inspiration photos and let us help you create it! Just know that big visions are an investment. An investment in wardrobe, hair, makeup (YES!!), and photography time. This shoot took an hour and a half! We had to work at a slow pace to keep our kids in it. We had to let them play and let go of forcing them to smile at the camera. Most importantly, we had to trust Carter for the artist she is!

So thankful we put the time, effort and money into this shoot. Now we can build on it for years to come and keep decorating our walls with the best Wake Forest Family Photographer’s work!

Makeup: Michelle Clark (my favorite makeup artist ever!!)
My Dress: Chic Wish
Ada’s Dress: Handmade by my Mom!!!
Isla’s Romper: Beary Kids
Location: Not disclosing because it’s too remote to ever access again. Sorry!

Wake Forest one year old laughing in a sleeveless romper photo Wake Forest mother holding up her laughing one year old photo Wake Forest mother in a cream, lace, open back dress walking with her four year old daughter beside a river photo Wake Forest mother playing with her four year old daughter by a river photo Wake Forest sisters playing while their parents hold them photoWake Forest toddler in a sleeveless linen dress with lace trim photo Wake Forest family looking at their two young daughters photo Wake forest mother and father holding their two daughters photo Wake Forest four year old in a cream linen dress with hand sown lace trim photo Wake Forest big sister helping her little sister walk beside the river photo Wake Forest family of four father tossing one year old in the air photo Wake Forest one year old standing beside a river photo Wake Forest sisters laughing beside a river photo Wake Forest sisters sitting together on a rock photoWake Forest family crouched down playing together photo Wake Forest father helping one year old stand up photo Wake Forest toddler hugging her father photo Wake Forest toddler in a cream dress with lace trim photo Wake Forest one year old walking on a rock by a river photo Wake Forest mother and father playing with their kids beside a river photo Wake Forest father holding his toddler photo Wake Forest mother holding her 1 year old up in the air by the river photo Wake Forest, NC mother holding her toddler standing on a rock photo Wake Forest mother holding her 4 year old daughter beside a river photo Wake Forest husband and wife leaning into each other photo Best Wake Forest Family Photographer family walking hand in hand along a river photo

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