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This post is long over due. And that’s an understatement. Try 10 months overdue. As late as this is, it doesn’t negate the fact that being their Charleston Wedding Photographer is a highlight of my career. Not just because it’s a Boone Hall Plantation wedding in Charleston, but because these two have some of the […]

May 16, 2018

Hannah & Andrew • Charleston Wedding

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So we have this thing. It’s a gap in our Raleigh family photographer business. An area where we aren’t serving our clients as well as we’d like. Something we want to fix asap. Hence this post. For years, we’ve waited for clients to email us when they need family pictures. We then send them our […]

March 9, 2018

Family Portrait Email List

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When The Southeastern Bride reached out to me about writing an article for them I was so honored! They wanted me to share my view on how to find the perfect wedding photographer. A topic I’m obviously passionate about. I jumped on board and began brainstorming what I want every bride to know when searching […]

January 31, 2018

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

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This wedding. It’s everything. The details, the couple, the emotions. It’s the most perfect Merrimon-Wynne wedding that ever was. And it was 2 days before my due date with Isla. Before I go on, if you’re looking for information on my photography workshop click HERE. If you’re looking for the most perfect wedding ever keep […]

January 24, 2018

Leah & Adam • Merrimon-Wynne House Wedding

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We have a HUGE announcement!!! We’re hosting another photography workshop! But that’s not the huge part…are you ready for this? We’re hosting it here in our house AND are opening it up to husband and wife teams in addition to women photographers AND offering it entirely over a weekend…AND we’ve lowered ticket prices…AND are giving […]

January 22, 2018

Raleigh Photography Workshop

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After posting pictures of my family in the snow this week, I received several questions about how to take amazing pictures in the snow. So, I thought it’d be fun to do a little tutorial on how we took them! I know snow seems scary. Cold and wet elements aren’t always a camera’s best friend, […]

January 19, 2018

How To Take Amazing Pictures in the Snow

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For years, I’ve dreamt of having a photography team. Then early last year, my sister joined us, and that dream starting coming true. We’ve had the best time working together, facetiming incessantly with questions and business things and all the stories, and growing, lots and lots of growing. It’s been a work in progress, we’ve […]

October 16, 2017

Meet Jenna • AJDP Associate Wedding Photographer

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Having a baby is the most amazing, emotional, magical, beautiful thing in the world. I find the feeling hard to describe. Those of you who have kids know what I’m talking about. For me, it was two of the most special moments in my life. Ones I will never forget. But as beautiful and amazing […]

August 28, 2017

The Day My Girls Met

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I didn’t go to the hospital to have a baby. The short version is I went into false labor at dawn on my birthday, got sent home after turning down a sleeping pill, cried, rested, had an impromptu birthday party that evening, went back to the hospital for the sleeping pill at midnight, was 6cm […]

August 15, 2017

Isla June’s Birth Story

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This is way, way, way overdue. I’m slightly embarrassed that I’m just now formally introducing our sweet new girl and sharing her newborn portraits, insert face palm moment. She’s 7 weeks today which is 7 weeks too long to be introducing her here! The excuses are just what you’d expect: life with two is busy, […]

August 3, 2017

Isla June Dunlap