Caitlin & Mike • The Sutherland Wedding

Out of all the things that can go wrong on a wedding day, the one thing you never expect is a hurricane. Especially on October 8th. Raleigh weddings are supposed to, and typically do, have gorgeous weather without a drop of

Hannah & Andrew • NC Engagement Photos

This couple. These dogs. Those flower crowns. Do I even need to say more? I could stop right there and this blog post would be complete. But you know I can’t do that, you know I have to write more about them! I mean

Raleigh Couples Portraits

Raleigh couples portraits are a fun way to celebrate a marriage! Whether you have little ones or not, couples sessions provide a reminder of why you fell in love! One of my favorite parts of having my sister document

Darling Wedding Workshop • Raleigh Photography Workshop

It’s been kind of quiet on the workshop front. Honestly, I’ve been trying to figure out where it’s taking me. For a little while there I was trying to convince myself that the workshops were done, the

Cora & Jay • The Glass Box NC Intimate Wedding

If I had to rank the weddings we’ve photographed, this NC intimate wedding would be in the top five. Something about an intimate ceremony makes my heart swoon. I think it’s the fact that the focus is being put

Four Adorable Kids • Wake Forest Family Photographer

If you haven’t noticed, the blog’s been kind of quiet. Not for lack of work, but lack of energy with this pregnancy! Now that I’m returning to normal, the blog is going to be too, and it’s time to

Baby Dunlap #2 Is…

And just like that, my dreams have come true. Ada is going to have a little sister! We’re going to be raising TWO daughters! My heart couldn’t be any happier than it is right now! It’s funny, something I

Baby Dunlap

The Dunlap family is proud to announce that we have another member joining our family! Baby number two is due June 11th, and we could not be more excited. Especially big sister Ada. From the second I found out I was

Megan & Bryan • Rand Bryan House Wedding

This Rand Bryan House wedding is a day we’ve waited for all year. Since taking their engagement photos last fall to hearing about all the personal touches they were putting into their day, I knew it was going to be

Porter Family • Wake Forest Fall Portraits

If you’ve been following along with the blog for any length of time these faces might be somewhat familiar to you. You’ve seen them here, here, here, parts of their family here, and one very special event for

Josie • 1 Year Portraits & Cake Smash

Fun fact about this family. Carter and I went to high school with the mom!! We were all in separate grades, so we were only acquaintances, but we love how photography brings us back together with so many familiar faces!

Wyatt • Raleigh Family Photos

These family photos have me all mushy gushy inside. It could be because these are some of my sister’s closest friends and I have a special place in my heart for her friends. Or it could be because of that teeny tiny

Alex & Dustin • Watson House & Gardens Emerald Isle Wedding

Alex & Dustin and their beautiful Emerald Isle wedding. I could leave it at that, because this wedding speaks for itself, but I won’t…because this wedding was special. Overlooking the intracoastal waterway

Kristen & Jospeh • Summerfield Farms Wedding

We kicked off our fall wedding season with the sweetest couple. Everything about these two warms my heart. I’ll never forget Kristen greeting me with the biggest never ending hug when we got to her bridal suite!! Her

Alice Jean • Raleigh Newborn Lifestyle Photos

I don’t shoot a lot of families, since my sister does most of that for me these days, BUT I absolutely love a good in home newborn session. Seeing those sweet little babes makes my heart melt, and temporarily curbs my