February 21, 2019

Carter’s Family Portraits

Families, Photographer: A.J.

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Family photographer in Wake Forest photo

Two weeks ago you got to see A.J.’s family portraits and this week it’s my turn!! Being a family photographer in Wake Forest means I get to take all the pretty pictures of all the pretty families. It’s the best!! It also means I typically put my own family pictures on hold so much longer than I should! If you remember back to when Cason was 1, I waited until he was 16 months old (and I was pregnant with Colten) to do his 12 month session.  A.J. pretty much said, “it’s now or never.” She was super pregnant with Isla and bending down to capture toddler cuteness wasn’t happening for much longer haha!

This time around I was determined not to wait so long!!! We also needed a Christmas card photo so that was good motivation! A.J. took these in December, after the mad rush of fall season. So we got it in when Colten was just a few weeks past 1!! He was standing and walking, which made for some adorable photos, and also lots of chasing haha.

It is so much fun to slow down and be on the other end of the lens!!  All year long I see such cute families in the best outfits. They all turn out to have lots of adorable pictures.  I end up feeling a lot of pressure.  I know though, I can’t be stressed about pictures.  If I’m stressed then the boys will sense it and it just doesn’t go well! I went in with the mindset that I trusted A.J. to capture my boys in the exact stage they are in.  The good and bad and everything in between!

As usual, A.J. did an amazing job and the pictures are beyond what I could have ever hoped for.  Between her and my husband, they make it so fun for the kids and I am so so grateful for that!! Time is flying by, but I can rest a little easier know that these precious ages are frozen in pictures.  Thank you, A.J. for being my family photographer in Wake Forest!!!!! I don’t know what I would do without you!! (of course in more ways than just who would take my pictures!!!)

These pictures capture our boys so well. Colten’s snuggles and thumb sucking. Cason’s silliness and infectious smile.  They also capture my husband, their superhero dada, the guy who never keeps us on time, but always keeps us laughing and playing!

Fair warning– be prepared to melt over how adorable my boys are. I know I’m biased but geeeeesssss!!! It’s also 100% okay to swoon over Colten’s eyes, most people do haha!

Family photographer in Wake Forest photo wake forest 2 year old and 1 year old brothers sitting in a field photo Wake Forest mother with one year old son photo Wake Forest one year old boy in burgundy plaid button down shirt photo wake forest one year old with blue eye sucking his thumb photo wake forest young brothers laughing in a grass field together photo wake forest big brother holding his little brother's hands to walk photo wake forest 2 year old in a tan sweater with hands in his pockets photo Wake forest 1 year old in plaid button down walking down a dirt road photo wake forest family with two sons a yellow lab photo Wake forest mother and father with their one year old photo wake forest father crouching down with his one year old photo wake forest father in gray sweater tossing his son in the air photo Wake Forest mother running with her son and dog photo Wake forest mother and father holding their two boys in the air photo raleigh family of four with two sons smiling in a tall grass field photo raleigh mom holding her two year old son photo wake forest mother laughing with her two year old son photo wake forest mother in burgundy sweater holding her son and father walking with his son photo wake forest father holding his two year old son in a grass field photo wake forest father hugging his two year old son photo wake forest mother holding one son on her back and one in her arms photo wake forest two year old making silly faces photo wake forest family walking through a tall grass field photo

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