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Lindsey & John • Indoor Lifestyle Engagement Session

Lindsey and John came to me with this idea they’d been rolling around in their heads. They were soon to be moving out of their current apartment, and wanted to know if we could take some lifestyle engagement portraits

Lauren & Will • Raleigh Engagement Photos

I am loving these Raleigh engagement photos so much. How can I not when there’s a dog named Taco?! I mean seriously. Lauren and Will are pretty cute themselves, but TACO!! He kind of steals the show. Sorry you two,

Hannah & Andrew • NC Engagement Photos

This couple. These dogs. Those flower crowns. Do I even need to say more? I could stop right there and this blog post would be complete. But you know I can’t do that, you know I have to write more about them! I mean

Caitlin & Mike • Raleigh Engagement Portraits

I could photograph these two every day. Their Raleigh engagement portraits were so. much. fun. They’re full of life and obviously love each other unconditionally, which is the perfect combination for a beautiful

Olivia & Joseph • NC Boho Engagement Session

Next year is the year of photographing siblings. Right now, our first three scheduled weddings in 2017 are siblings of our favorite couples!!! The best kind of weddings. Being wedding photographers gives us the unique

Tina & Jordan • Chapel Hill Engagement Photos

Oh how I loved photographing these two. I’m struggling to find words to describe how much I enjoyed my time with them. We talked way more than we actually took photos, which is the sign of a good engagement session in

Lauren & TJ • Raleigh Fine Art Engagement Portraits • Fred Fletcher Park

Sometimes summer can be kind of blah when it comes to photos. It’s hot, the sun can be high and unflattering, and everyone would rather be at the pool than snuggling in front of the camera. But then there are days

SkillPop Charlotte Founder

You might recognize these two from their engagement and wedding photos almost two years ago! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long! I remember meeting them for the first time, and absolutely falling in love

Katelyn & Clayton • Fine Art Engagement Portraits

Hands down, the biggest compliment we get is when a sibling of a prior couple asks us to photograph his/her wedding. They’ve seen us work behind the scenes, they’ve seen the final product, and they still love

Darling Wedding Workshop • Raleigh Engagement Posing Tips

I say this about every part of Darling Wedding Workshop, but this is truly one of my favorite parts!!! This is the part where we share our posing tips for couples, and how to create and capture real moments between their

Katherine & Caleb • Fort Fisher Wilmington Engagement Photos

In case you’re wondering, I will travel anywhere for views like this, and couples like these two. One of my favorite things about living in Raleigh is that’s it’s so incredibly easy to hop in the car and

Cora & Jay • Raleigh NC Engagement Portraits

Oh how I love when engagement season roles around. I cherish my winter break, and feel so refreshed because of it, but boy do I miss taking pictures. I miss capturing moments that are romantic, intimate and full of joy.

Erin & John Aaron • Raleigh Engagement Photos

These photos. This couple. There aren’t enough words to express how happy I am they’ve found each other. John Aaron is Kyle’s first cousin. Only a few months apart in age, they grew up close. Spending

Megan & Bryan • River Engagement Photos

Looking back at these river engagement photos from last month has got me all sorts of excited for wedding season to kick back into gear. I need the break. I’m thankful for it as it refreshes me and gets me excited

Carver & Justin • Raleigh Engagement Photos

It was freezing cold early morning in November, when I met these two for their Raleigh engagement photos. They drove all the way up from Charlotte, NC the night before to meet me at sunrise in one of my favorite fields.