May 17, 2019

Charlie • Wake Forest Family Mini Session

Families, Photographer: Carter

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Wake Forest Family Mini Session photo

Ladies, get yourself a husband who values family pictures! It makes the biggest difference when you do a Wake Forest family mini session!! When everyone comes relaxed and excited for the session, the kids can tell! They stay so much happier and willing to participate.  We also try and keep it fun and light on our end, not putting too much pressure and incorporating breaks and games when needed.  When kids stay relaxed, they tend to smile more and stay focused on the session just a little bit longer!

I had this experience first hand with my oldest.  He was 20 months old and we were trying to do a family maternity session since I was pregnant with my second. We were about 10 minutes in and loosing his short attention span quickly!  If you’ve been around a 20 month old lately you know, you can’t challenge them or else it quickly turns into tears and temper tantrums.  And neither of those look pretty in pictures haha! A.J. was doing the pictures for us and she quickly asked my son if he wanted to play a game.  He, of course, wanted to play!  She had him help my husband “sneak” up and surprise me, which got him back engaged and gave us the cutest picture!! Little things like keep it fun for the kids (and also produce great pictures!!).

That brings me to this adorable family with the cutest little 2.5 year old, Charlie!!  Ashley & Tim kept things very relaxed for him! That let us get some great shots, play some fun games, all while keeping the little one happy. It was so easy to see how much they love him and love being his parents. They have been part of the AJDP family for awhile, and we have loved being apart of their life for so long! Ashley & Tim- thank you so much just trusting us to photograph your adorable family!!

If you want more information about a family mini session, please contact us here and we will get it over to you right away!!

Wake Forest mother and father with two and a half year old son in the middle photo Wake Forest toddler in the middle between his parents photo Wake Forest father holding and looking at his toddler photo Wake Forest mother in a floral jumpsuit holding her two year old son photo Wake Forest family walking down a grass path with their toddler son in the middle photo Raleigh toddler close up picture with long brown curls photo Wake Forest father throwing his son in the air and the son giving flowers to his mother photo Raleigh toddler running through a field photo Wake Forest family sitting on a blanket with the toddler looking up at his dad photo

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