November 6, 2014

Erin & Joe


Everything about these two made me one happy photographer. They are adorable inside and out, and oh so snuggly in front of the camera. I tell couples all the time, the background doesn’t matter. Let me repeat that, THE BACKGROUND DOESN’T MATTER. It’s you two and your interactions in front of the camera that matter. Sure, the background adds to a moment, but it’s not what’s most important. The way you snuggle together, the way he looks at you as he holds your hand, and the slight pause just after a kiss. All those things come from the sparks between the two of you. The magic that makes you uniquely you.

That’s what I love about Erin & Joe. They chose a background that was home to them when they first started their relationship, downtown Durham. We wandered the streets and found pretty light and pretty backgrounds, but when it came time to take the picture, they were 100% themselves. They were giggly and romantic. Mushy and serious. And everything in between. And just by looking at these images you can tell they’re in love.

After photographing them all over the city, I am so excited for their wedding day to get here! It’s going to be beautiful and full of love. And I can’t wait to capture it!


You two make me smile : )00200024

A favorite below!00280027003100370047

And quite possibly my favorite from the whole shoot!!!!00400053005600570058

I LOVE her ring! You don’t see gold much these days, but I thought it was stunning.00630065007300820088

That wall, and those snuggles…mmmmmm.0097010501160147

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