October 18, 2018

Extended Family Session

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Extended Family session photo

This family gave me one of the biggest compliments I have received since becoming a photographer!  I photographed them for the first time when she was pregnant, then before even receiving those pictures back they booked this session for their whole family!! They trusted me that much, without seeing the final result, to do an extended family session. It absolutely blew my mind!!  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them again and meet their newest little one!

Extended family sessions are so special in their own unique way.  For this one, we had the grandparents, with their two daughters, one of the son-in-laws and four grandchildren! I could tell instantly that these kids are very lucky to have grandparents that love them so much.  One of the daughters lives over seas and was home visiting for a short bit.  The family was so excited to plan this for a time where she and her daughter could be here.

With an adorable newborn boy it was hard not to let his cuteness steal the show.  His older siblings and cousin were head over heels in love with him.  The adults were so funny though, they fought (in good humor) about who would get to hold him next.  I remember asking one of them to pass the baby to someone else for a photo and she said “no!” (with a wink), I won’t get him back if I give him up!! You could feel how much love there is between everyone in the family, which is exactly how it should be!

Like I always, it is so important to capture these fleeting moments.  Getting the grandparents to be in photos is also important.  I know that these kids will cherish these photos for years to come!  If you want more information about a session, please fill out our contact form and we will get information over to you right away!!

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