June 28, 2017

Ivy • 8 Month Baby Session

Families, Photographer: Carter

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8 month baby session photo

Recently I wrote about photographing several of A.J.’s neighbors, well this is another one!! Meet Ivy, a sweet and spunky 8 month old! This adorable girl lives a few houses down from A.J. with her older siblings. Being one of three, her mom thought she deserved her own 8 month baby session as something special just for her.  We also snuck in a few mommy & me pictures of course!

Ivy was the happiest little thing and seemed to love having a few minutes to shine on her own! I’m so glad her mom did this for her, the one-on-one mother daughter time was an added bonus as well.  I hope Ivy and her family will treasure these pictures forever!  This is such a fun age with babies, it was one of my favorites with Cason! (read: before temper tantrums started)

As the youngest of four, I can definitely sympathize in wanting something special just for me! (my siblings will probably disagree and say I got plenty as the baby of the family, they might also be right in that haha but really, hand-me-downs were my life!) I can imagine in the hustle and bustle of life it becomes so easy to think about the family as a whole instead of really focusing on each individual child.  A mini session for just one child is the perfect opportunity to give them that one-on-one moment. Make it something special, get dolled up, have fun taking pictures and then get a special treat after! Ice cream is also a great incentive for getting a child to smile haha!


If you have a child that would love something like this please come visit our website here and contact us for more information about a mini session!  We also do full sessions if your diva wants a little something extra!

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