December 6, 2018


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Two year olds are their own special, spunky, spirited breed.  It is the most fun age though (well it’s hard to really pick one, but it’s up there!!)!  They are challenging but oh so entertaining.  My oldest is 2 (almost 3) and this year we have watched him grow from a young toddler to an independent young boy who never stops, is always finding limits and has found a sense of humor. It’s the best!!  When I used to see that a two year old would be at the session I would get a little nervous.  Now after having my own, I get pretty excited to do Wake Forest toddler photography!  You just have to speak their language and know their limits. (and I only have to keep them happy for 25 minutes haha)

Kirstin was the most adorable two year old!!  From her adorable curls, the perfect dress for spinning and a bright red bow, the cuteness was off the charts! We didn’t have any trouble getting that adorable little smile going with some tickling and playing. She was very focused on her bright pink spray bottle for her hair, but with a little negotiating and good hiding on dad’s part we managed a few pictures without it!

This couple was a previous bride and groom of A.J.’s that I had heard wonderful things about. I always love meeting those couples and be a part of their journey!  We love it when families grow with AJDP and we get to be a part of all the stages.  Each different stage is so special and deserves to be documented with images to keep for a lifetime.

If you are interested in more information about a session, please contact us here and we will get information over to you right away!

wake forest family with a two year old toddler photo wake forest toddler with her mother photo wake forest family walking through a field photo wake forest toddler twirling in a field photo Wake forest mom and dad laughing photo  Wake Forest Toddler Photography Photo

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