September 13, 2018

Nora • Wake Forest Family Session

Families, Photographer: Carter

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wake forest family session 1 year old portrait photo

Even though I see my children growing up in the blink of an eye, I tend to forgot that my friend’s children are also getting older! So when my friend emailed to schedule a Wake Forest family session back in May I couldn’t believe it was already time for Nora’s one year pictures!!  I feel like I took her newborn photos yesterday! The saying is so true, as sad as it is, babies don’t keep.

We have known Becky & Parker for years and watching them this first year as parents has been the best!  Nora certainly doesn’t lack for love or attention from these two. She was just learning to walk at this session and had the cutest little toddle!! That just learning to walk stage is my favorite for one year old pictures.  They can stand on their own for some cute ones but aren’t fast enough to run away quite yet haha! Her little personality came out and she had the best time just playing with her parents. There was one point where she found a tiny flower and held it out for her mom and dad.  It melted all of our hearts!!

Moments like those are too precious not to capture and save forever.  Days can be long and tough with little ones, but before we know it, a year has gone by!  Since time travel isn’t a thing quite yet, we have to rely on these pictures to take us back down memory lane.  I hope that Becky, Parker and Nora will love looking back on these sweet photos in the years to come!

If you are interested in booking a session to save your little’s cute little toddle forever, click here to fill our contact form.  We will get some information over to you right away!

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