November 29, 2018

Raleigh Family Photography • Ryan & Logan

Families, Photographer: Carter

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raleigh family photography photo

Doing Raleigh family photography sessions doesn’t just mean families. I get to do all stages from dating to married with kids. This variety is one of my favorite parts! Earlier this fall my brother in law, Ryan, and his girlfriend, asked if I would take some pictures of them. They have been dating for 5 years and wanted some special to mark the occasion.  Of course I was thrilled to!! They live just north of Winston-Salem. It was a special treat to have them come hang out for the day and then do pictures.

We knew their session wouldn’t be complete unless their dog, Bella, was in a few of the pictures! Bella is an absolute princess!  She graced us with her presence for a few of the pictures, in which she luckily decided to comply and sit where we asked. Bella lucked out with great dog parents and gets to go pretty much everywhere with them! So last weekend when Ryan was showing us his new car, I asked him if Bella was allowed to ride in there. He responded with a quick laugh and a hard no, I guess that’s where they draw the line haha.  All kidding aside, she is a great dog and definitely well loved by both of her parents!

When they asked to do the pictures, they also said they wanted some with the boys (my sons, their nephews) in them. This absolutely melted my heart!!  I planned a few quick outfits, decided on a few bribes for the two year old and we were ready to go!  I ended up not needing the bribes though since my father in law came.  He can make anyone laugh and smile so Cason thankfully had great giggles for most of it!

Ryan and Logan- it was such a great day and evening getting to spend time with you both. I really enjoyed taking these special pictures!  I always get extra nervous when it’s close friends or family members so I hope you like them and will treasure them always!

If you are interested in booking a session please contact us here and we will get information over to you right away!!

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