January 9, 2019

AnnaLaura & Scott

Engagements, Families, Photographer: Jenna

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Now that Christmas and the holidays are over, we get to share some Christmas card pictures that I got to do for some of my very favorite people. You might recognize these two from their Sutherland wedding that A.J. photographed in October of 2017. AnnaLaura is my best friend, and getting to do family portraits of her and her sweet hubby and their pups makes being a Raleigh portrait photographer extra sweet.

AnnaLaura has been my best friend since early high school. Now that we’re both married (what?!), life looks a little different these days. She’s been through so many seasons of life with me, and our friendship has gotten stronger through the years. She’s an absolute gem and I’m not sure what I’d do without her. AnnaLaura & Scott had the most gorgeous fall wedding at the Sutherland, and it was featured in the Carolinas issue of The Knot. I love these two together. And I love that they’ve asked me to take family pictures of them for the past two Christmases!

AnnaLaura & Scott are pretty great, but we can’t forget about their two fur babies. Have you seen them?! They are absolutely adorable. Dakota was Scott’s dog before AnnaLaura came along, and then AnnaLaura quickly became her adopted dog mommy! And sweet Juno was a quick (and fluffy!) addition to their little family after the wedding. If you’re a husky lover, this photo session is for you!

These portraits of their family are some of my favorites. Since AnnaLaura is my best friend, it might be a given that she asks me to do their family pictures, but instead it’s still a huge honor and joy for me. I think it’s so, so important to have updated portraits of your family taken regularly. These are the pictures that your kids and grandkids will look back on one day! Isn’t that something to think about?! I love being a Raleigh portrait photographer, especially when these guys are in front of my camera. AnnaLaura & Scott, I love you guys! Your family sure is cute.

Hair: Kayley Melissa
Makeup: Michelle Clark

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