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June 21, 2017

Sophie • Wake Forest One Year Old Photo Session

wake forest one year old photo session photo

The very first newborn shoot I shadowed A.J. on was for this sweet family!! They were wedding clients of A.J.’s (one of her sisters was also one of A.J.’s brides, you can see her here!) who turned into friends! They were so nice to let me even bring my son along to the session (he was still pretty young and refused bottles, so mama it was!).  Their newborn session spoiled me because it was sooooo beautiful and they have the best natural light in their house!

I couldn’t believe it had already been a year when they contacted us this spring to do another session!! Time really does go by so fast!  They came up and we did their Wake Forest one year old photo session!! Little Miss Sophie was absolutely adorable! She wasn’t having her smiliest afternoon, but we still got some great pictures! 

I love seeing the different stages each child is at when they turn one. It’s amazing how different kids focus on developing such different skills! Some kids really focus on their verbal skills and others on their physical ones.  In the end they all end up at the same place but I think how they get there really shows part of their personality and what lays ahead!  My son wanted to walk and pick up everything before he even got close to caring about saying real words!! And that definitely reflects on how physical of a child he is, always on the go, wanting to rough house and climb everything in sight! He’s now decided he wants to say some words and decided to learn “no.” I definitely could have lived without that one for a little longer haha! 

Andrea and Nate– thank you so much for trusting me to capture this special time in Sophie’s life! You saw me when I was just starting out and still trusted me to take them haha! Luckily I have learned a lot in a year!! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know and become friends with the three of you!! Can’t wait to watch Sophie grow up even more, it will happen so fast! 


If you are interested in a family session, please email us at aj@ajdunlap.com for more information! 

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