August 23, 2018

Wake Forest Maternity Sessions

Families, Photographer: Carter

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Wake forest maternity photographer mother and son photo

You know that amazing moment when all of your dancing around/lame jokes/peek a boo antics pay off and the child finally cracks a smile, giving you the perfect photo? As exciting as that moment is, there is another moment that is even more exciting to me.  This moment happens during maternity sessions, when the pregnant mama gets a chance to slow down and pause life.  These Wake Forest maternity sessions allow me to give these mamas time to just soak in pregnancy in all of its tough, amazing glory.

There is so much to do to get ready for a baby.  Paint the nursery, decorate, buy a crib, stock up on diapers, the list goes on and on. Most of the time resting and just focusing on your baby falls lower on the list than it should.  This is where a maternity session comes in! All you have to do is stand there thinking about that sweet child you are growing and appreciating what your body is doing!!

I’m saying all of this because this was my experience.  I was dreaddddddding my maternity session for my first son.  I knew I wanted to have the pictures but the thought of having one more thing to do was just overwhelming.  After some encouragement from my sister, we pushed and did them.  What happened during the session ended up being magical and time that I will savor forever.  My husband and I got to just simply focus on my growing belly and the special little boy.

This session was this mama’s second time around so she knew just how special it would turn out!  She also got to have her first little one be a part of the session.  He was the cutest little thing.  While he didn’t quite understand what was to come, he certainly enjoyed her adorable baby bump and getting to sit on top of it!!

So pregnant mamas, my advice to you is to find some way to slow down and take time to just savor this season. I know you all can’t wait to meet your babies, but trust me when I say, you will miss this.

If you want to get more information about our maternity sessions, take a minute to fill out this form here. We will get all of that over to you right away!!

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