July 14, 2016

Ada Fun • Family Lifestyle Session

wake forest nc family session photo

As most of you know, my sister recently joined the AJDP team as a family photographer (if you missed the big announcement, you can read about it here). She’s been rocking it during her training, grasping the concepts of proper exposure and light so quickly! I’ve been seriously impressed with her practice photos! She’s already started shooting real sessions, and is creating amazing images that I have no doubt families will treasure forever.

Before we sent her out on her own, we wanted her to practice on a real family. We had one lined up and at the last minute they got sick. It happens. So, she asked if she could come over to do a mini lifestyle family session of Ada in our backyard…because there’s no better practice subject than a toddler who won’t sit still!

I welcomed her, but warned her that none of us were dressing up so she’d have to take us as we were. Messy hair, no makeup, mix matching outfits and all. And you know what, I absolutely love these photos! She captured images of us in our true element. Doing what we every single night! There is nothing more us, than the three (four with Baxter), playing in the back yard, getting all our sillies out, and being our crazy selves! They’re perfect!

Thank you Carter for pushing me to take these. I know I was reluctant, because I was tired and worn out from a busy week, but I’m so glad you insisted! It was so much fun!!! I’m so proud of the photographer you’ve become in such a short period of time! You get better every single day, and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful images you’re going to capture for so many families!

***If you’re in need of family photos, email us at aj at ajdunlap.com for Carter’s available dates & times***

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