January 9, 2020

Apex Family Mini Sessions

Families, Photographer: Carter

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So we have a secret about our mini sessions!!  Well, it’s not really a secret, just probably something a lot of people might not know!  I do mini sessions places other than Wake Forest!!!  I don’t do it all of the time though. There are a lot of details to make it work! This November it all came together for me to do family photography near Apex! Two of these families have been long term clients (and friends:)!) and Kristin (the first family pictured) contacted me with the idea.

Kristin and her husband (who’s name is also AJ!!) wanted updated pictures and had friends and family who wanted sessions as well.  So we were able to do 4 different mini sessions with some combined family pictures in the middle.  One of the families generously offered their family farm property for the mini sessions.  It was so fun shooting there (I actually did some sessions there a few years ago too!).  I love public parks but with those come extra people and other photographers.  So not having to worry about either of those factors was nice.  It’s also a gorgeous piece of property so that was a definite plus as well!

So here’s some details on how it all comes together and some things to keep in mind! The main requirement is that there are at least four families who want to book a mini session for that location.  I love photographing families, but this is also a job for me and has to make sense for the travel time involved. The other piece to having four families is that all have to book and sign the contract within the reservation timeline.  If one family ends up backing out during scheduling, then we can’t continue with scheduling unless a replacement is found.  Finding a day that works for everyone can sometimes be the hardest part but it usually ends up working out!  One thing that helps is if you have a location in mind or some suggestions since I’m not from and usually haven’t visited that area!

For right now in my life, I typically stay within an hour of Wake Forest.  But never say never (anyone else catching that Bieber reference?! haha) Pull a few families together, some date options and some beautiful properties and let’s get talking!!!

If you would like more information please contact us here and we will get it over to you right away!!

Family Photography near Apex photo Apex family all tickling their youngest daughter photo Apex father holding each of his young daughters photo Apex mother tickling each of her two daughters photo Apex big sister holding her 6 month old little sister in her lap photo Apex 4 year old girl in a red and black buffalo check skirt photo Apex cousins all sitting on a blanket in the field photo Apex family all walking together while holding hands down a gravel road photo Apex father holding his young son and daughter photo Apex mother and father looking down at their daughter and son photo Apex 16 month old boy walking with his 7 year old sister photo Apex family holding their 18 month old daughter in front of their family farmhouse photo Apex 18 month old standing in a field in front of her family's country farmhouse photo Apex father holding his daughters hand as they walk through the field together photo Apex 18 month old girl peaking through an old wooden fence posts photo Apex family laughing with their daughter as she climbed up an old horse fence photo Apex mother sitting with her daughter on a white farmhouse porch swing photo Apex extended family photo with grandmother and her grandkids photo Apex cousins sitting together on an old farmhouse white porch swing photo Apex mother twirling her 4 year old daughter photo Apex 4 year old girl up close with blond hair in a Christmas dress photo Apex mother in a red dress with her daughter standing on her knee photo Apex family laughing together with their two daughters photo Apex family standing on their family's farm property for their family photo

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