January 22, 2020

Sabrina & Charlie • First Anniversary

Raleigh couple anniversary session at their home and sitting on the front porch swing photo

This couple is really special. As a team, we feel really fortunate when we get to photograph couples throughout different milestones in their lives. That is always a massive honor, and Sabrina & Charlie are no different. These two have been in front of A.J.’s camera multiple times. They are basically pros by now! A.J. photographed their Blowing Rock engagement session, their rehearsal dinner, and also their Biltmore Forest Country Club wedding. When Sabrina reached out about photos to commemorate their first anniversary and to celebrate buying their new home together, A.J. was not available to travel to Charlotte in time for their anniversary. I was actually going to be in Charlotte already, so I had the honor of getting to photograph them for their at home anniversary session!

Sabrina & Charlie have an adorable home and they included their sweet pup Penny in the session. I love these images of their sweet family, especially since it was their first anniversary! A whole year of marriage and a whole year of life together as husband and wife. That’s something to celebrate. I really enjoy photographing in home sessions! It’s been a new thing for me this past year, and I think it’s such a personal touch. Your home is your safe space and getting to photograph Sabrina and Charlie at their house is very special for me.

Sabrina & Charlie — thank you for trusting me to capture this milestone in your relationship! I know A.J. has loved photographing you, and I certainly loved documenting your first anniversary. You two are really special together, and we are excited to see what’s next. Congrats on your new home! I know you guys will make lots of fun memories together there. I love your at home anniversary session, and we are so thrilled that you’ll have images to look back on through the years of this time in your life.

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