February 3, 2016

Blogging for SEO • A New Space On The Web

how to make a website seo friendly

Did you notice?? What, you can’t tell? Don’t make me point it out! Ok, fine. We have a new home here on the world wide web! We’ve officially moved from ajdunlapblog.com to ajdunlap.com/blog!!!! Small change, big results. This means nothing to you, I know. But, seriously, it’s huge for us!

When I first launched my website 6 years ago, hosting a blog under my domain name wasn’t an option with the platform I was using. Which meant, I had to purchase a second domain, hence how ajdunlapblog.com was born. It wasn’t ideal, but it was how it had to be at the time. Fast forward to today, my website platform, Showit, has grown and evolved and now can host my blog too, which means I can link my blog address to my main site address!

The reason this is huge is for SEO purposes. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically it’s how google ranks your site. The problem with having two domains is they were competing against each other. It was counterproductive. All the work I put into the SEO for one site would cancel out what I was doing on the other. So late last year when I hired a company to help me sort out the crazy mess that is SEO, they informed me of the change with Showit and suggested I have my blog linked to my site. That one little nugget of information was worth every penny we paid them!

So now I have one site www.ajdunlap.com, with multiple pages, one of which is my blog! YAY!!!! Besides the fact that I no longer have two sites competing against each other, the other great thing about merging them is now content is regularly being added to my domain (by way of my blog), which makes Google and all the other search engines happy. They want to see current content, things that the public would be interested in reading! It’s hard to make that happen on a website designed to show a portfolio, but with a blog it’s easy!

Don’t stress if you forget and type in the old address, I still own the domain and have it forwarded to this new one. In a nutshell, you’ll still find me! You probably don’t care about this, and that’s ok. I’m excited, and it’s my blog and I get to share what I want : )