April 6, 2016

Boca Grand Florida • Family Vacation

boca grande florida sailboat photo

Spending a week in Boca Grande Florida was exactly what we needed before wedding season kicks into full fledged craziness soon. I looked at the calendar a few weeks ago to line up babysitters for our weddings and realized we only have FOUR local to Raleigh this spring season! I don’t even want to think about how much time we’re going to spend in the car. Whew. These beautiful weddings and amazing couples are going to be so worth it though! We have some really epic weddings lined up this spring, and I can’t wait for it all to begin!!

But that is exactly why we needed some family time. Some time together as a family with no distractions. No alarms, no emails, no schedules (other than nap times for Ada). We played and swam and played some more. We spent a portion of every day on the beach, and I’m proud to say we managed not to get too burnt! The whole week was like a dream. We could have used a few more days like that!

Watching Ada explore the beach was amazing. She’d spend hours digging in the sand, dumping it into her bucket, and doing it all over again. She learned to love the ocean, and kept asking to “shwim” in the cutest little southern accent you’ve ever heard. She would have spent all day in that water if we’d have let her!! I’m not joking when I say she said “hi” to everyone who walked past us on the beach. If they couldn’t hear her, she’d walk closer and closer and closer until they did. She was so full of joy and wanted everyone else to be experience it too! Her little heart is so perfect in every way.

To Kyle Boca Grande Florida is a very special place. His grandparents have had a house there for as long as he can remember. It’s where we spent every spring break and many vacations. He knows that island like the back of his hand, and has a story for every corner. Most of them involve an injury on rollerblades or something like that. Typical boy. It was so special to me to see him live out one of his favorite childhood memories with our daughter. Those two are like two peas in a pod and make my heart melt almost daily, as you can see in the pictures.

boca grande florida palm tree photoboca grande florida community center photoboca grande florida architecture photoboca grande florida spanish architecture photoboca grande florida banyon tree photoboca grande fl landscape photoflorida inlet photoflorida palm tree photoboca grande florida toddler playing with bucket photoboca grande florida toddler playing with sand toys photoboca grande florida walking on the beach photoboca grande florida baby swimming in the ocean photoboca grande florida baby playing in the ocean photo
gulf of mexico beach photoflorida rocky beach photoboca grande fl wind in hair photoboca grande fl toddler running on the beach photoboca grande fl toddler laughing on the beach photoboca grande fl toddler on the beach photoboca grande lighthouse family photoboca grande lighthouse beach photoboca grande fl family portrait photo