October 24, 2018

Jenna & Patrick

mountain engagement session couple in mountain top fog photo

This session. Jenna & Patrick. You two. I mean how could it not be amazing. When you’re a Raleigh & Boone wedding photographer, your engagement photos need to be something special, and Jenna & Patrick delivered. The mountains, the fog, and Jenna’s burgundy gown! Swoon. It’s a session I’ll dream about for years.

It’s a session that took a lot to happen! Jenna & Patrick got engaged last December in Boone, and even though we sit three feet apart most days of the week, it still took us months to get these scheduled. Photographer problems. We planned a date around this perfect weekend trip to Asheville and a hurricane rolled through. So we postponed their already delayed Boone engagement photos.

Feeling all the pressure of their November wedding, we knew these had to happen asap. We chose a new date, piled in the car and drove to Boone a few weeks ago with a forecast of all sun. That is until we got about 30 minutes from Boone and it started raining so hard we couldn’t see the car in front of us. Almost there we convinced ourselves mountain weather is finicky and pushed forward praying we’d get a break in the rain.

What we ended up with was even more amazing than any of us could dream! The most romantic fog rolled in and gave their photos a beautiful style that couldn’t be duplicated if we tried! Jenna took us all over her favorite spots from going to college there and her experience as a Boone wedding photographer. Secret hideaways only the locals know about, with hidden mountain views like I’ve never seen before…and I grew up in the mountains!

As amazing as the locations, it’s nothing compared to the two of them. Their relationship is so strong, so beautiful. I cried my way through editing these. I have no idea how I’ll make it through the wedding day next week. Their love is a very real thing and it was so fun capturing it in this way for them.

Jenna & Patrick, we love you two to pieces. Jenna, adding you to the team was the best decision we made last year. We’re so thankful to have you both in our lives, for how you treat our kids like family and for your extremely impressive work ethic. Patrick, we love you just as much, and we know you love Jenna which makes us love you even more!

I know we’re only days away from your ceremony, and I am so excited to take those photos for you. Enjoy your last few days. It’s going to be the best wedding ever! Thank you for trekking me all the way to Boone and for creating the most perfect engagement photos ever with me!

Because it’s Jenna, and we like to change it up sometimes, we decided to shoot both digital and film for their engagement photos. I’m by no means announcing myself as a film wedding photographer here, but I am proud to say all of these you see here were taken on film! It was a fun addition to their shoot, and we’re all so happy with how these turned out! Especially how amazing that fog and gown looked on film!

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