February 5, 2016

Bring a Friend to Darling Wedding Workshop | Photography Workshop

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Registration opens Sunday evening at 8PM for the next Darling Wedding Workshop!!! If you missed the announcement of this photography workshop a few weeks ago you can check out those details by clicking here…or keep reading! In a nutshell, we’re launching the next round of Darling Wedding Workshop, taking place on April 11-12 at The Glass Box in downtown Raleigh, NC. This workshop is a two day intensive experience focusing on everything from how to take your photography business from zero to full time, and how to create stunning images every time you press the shutter button. It’s an intimate workshop for women, sorry boys, girls only allowed (except my husband, because I really, really, really need his behind the scenes help for this to happen successfully…he’s kind of the best)!

By keeping it girls only, we can keep the atmosphere relaxed and the conversation open. Like a high school sleepover, except during the day, without the back massage train, finger nail polish and circle of sleeping bags…and we’re awake. Other than that, it’s totally like a sleep over : ) The spirit of Darling is community. Yes, we’re going to learn and work our butts off for 2 days, but it would all be pointless if we left without new friends. People to lift us up, cheer us on and encourage us when we need a little pep talk. That is what Darling is all about!

Which is why we’re launching the “bring a friend to Darling program”!!!!! Workshops are better when you experience them with someone else! Bring a friend with you and you each will get $100 off your ticket! Even off the early bird rate!!!! Use the code “mydarlingfriend” at checkout to get the discount when you purchase TWO tickets!!!! You’ll see the $200 discount ($100 for each of you) at checkout!

We can’t wait to meet you AND YOUR FRIEND in April!!

*We recognize there may be special circumstances in which tickets need to be paid for separately. Please email me at aj @ ajdunlap.com is that’s you so you can receive a special code for you and your friend to purchase your tickets separately. We want you both there, even if that means we have to break our own rules!!!*

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