May 15, 2017

Chapel Hill Family Photographer • Mini Sessions

Needless to say I’m more than slightly behind sharing these mini sessions I took last year. I debated whether or not to even post them, because they’re from so long ago! But I’ve been the Chapel Hill Family Photographer for these families so long, that I just couldn’t help but share their pics. They’re dear and loyal clients that are now friendships which I value so much. Since I am so far behind in sharing these, I decided to lump all four families into one blog post. Not because I couldn’t easily do a post for each family, but mainly because I’m running out of time before this baby comes to share them all individually!!!

The first set of pictures here are for a family I’ve been photographing for years. From their daughter’s teeny tiny newborn pictures to their newest addition which joined them a little after Christmas. They’re the sweetest and most photogenic people ever, and I love anytime they get in front of my camera!

The second family are actually new clients for me! And I instantly fell in love with them too! They’ve obviously since had their baby too, but I loved that I got to document them as a family of four before he showed up. They are such a sweet family, and should totally write a book on raising boys because they had two of the most well behaved kids ever!

The third family is why this Chapel Hill day happened. We don’t usually photograph minis that far from home, but she organized a bunch of families and we were able to squeeze everyone into one afternoon. I’m so thankful to her for arranging that! Plus I love spending time with them and their sweet kids. They’re such a happy family!

And last by not least, my best friend and her family. I could write for days on these five, but I’m hormonal and don’t need to type through tears right now. So I’ll just leave it with the obvious: I love you guys. I’m thankful life brought us together 8 years ago, thankful we didn’t give up on the friendship when we moved so far apart from each other, and thankful our kids love each other so much and get to grow up best friends too! Out of all the family sessions we’ve done over the years (going on 10+ maybe??), this is by far my favorite!!

Enjoy the pics everyone. These are sure to leave a smile on your face!

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