April 18, 2016

Darling Wedding Workshop • April Photography Workshop

glass box workshop behind the scenes photo

Can it be last week again? Please! Spending two days with the amazing group of women that makes up the Darling Wedding Workshop family was exactly what my heart needed. These women came together for this intimate photography workshop, all strangers to me, but each left an impression on my heart that I won’t soon forget.

To be honest, these ladies intimidated me!! Before each workshop, I spend sometime getting to know the attendees through their websites and social media platforms. As I began looking into their portfolios, I quickly discovered that each and every one of them were already GOOD photographers. Instantly, doubt and fear started to creep their evil little heads in. Who was I to teach these women? What did I have to offer them that they didn’t already know? I was so worried they were going to be bored and regret their decision to spend their time and money on Darling! I know, awful thoughts to think about myself! I snapped myself out of the self doubt thought slump I was in, and reminded myself that they HAD put their trust in me. Both with their money and irreplaceable time. They believed in me enough to sign up, so therefore I needed to believe in myself!

What I discovered as the workshop began, was not only were my fears and doubts misplaced, but these ladies had just as much to teach me as I did them! The questions were deeper and more complex, which made me push myself hard than I ever have before in a setting like that. The conversation flowed easily without awkward pauses and delays. Every time we took a break, I saw these girls helping each other with random camera & business questions, sharing their hearts openly without reservation! This was truly the community that I envisioned for Darling. A community that’s more than just peers, one that’s family. Ladies, you thought you were coming to Darling for me to give to you, but you were the ones who gave to me. I left a better business woman, artist and photographer because of you. Thank you for being part of my Darling family. I love each of you more than I can say!

Thank you also to The Glass Box for hosting our sweet little workshop, ALL of the amazing vendors who worked so tirelessly to create gorgeous shoots for these girls to photograph, and to Pam, Amie & Kelsey for all these gorgeous behind the scenes images you see below!!!! Photos from each of the 3 shoots will be shared in short time, but these mean more to me than any of the picture perfect images from the shoots, because these are photos of my family.

*Details about the next Darling Wedding Workshop are already finalized and will be announced one week from today!!!!!!!!!! Hint: it’s going to be for more than just photographers, eek!! Sign up here to be the first notified when registration opens!

**Please don’t laugh at how often I shoot barefoot when indoors, hahaha! I promise I own shoes, and wear them for real weddings!

***Ada made an appearance for the attendee dinner, and I could not be more proud as a mom to introduce my daughter to all those strong, business owning women, who she can look up to as mentors and examples as she grows!

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