April 21, 2016

Darling Wedding Workshop • Raleigh Engagement Posing Tips

how to pose your couples naturally photo

I say this about every part of Darling Wedding Workshop, but this is truly one of my favorite parts!!! This is the part where we share our posing tips for couples, and how to create and capture real moments between their couples. The thing is, you can’t point your camera at your couples, and just expect them to be natural. It doesn’t happen! Even though this is what I do for a living, I still find it awkward to be on the other side of the camera, and if I feel that way, can you imagine how a couple feels who has never done this before?! Instinctively they freeze, just like you or I would.

So at Darling, we spend an entire afternoon learning how to avoid the freeze, and keep our couples comfortable. At the same time we’re learning about light, what’s good, what’s bad, how to find it, and everything in between. Mostly though, it’s about posing. But posing is a terrible term, because nothing I do is rigid. Posed photos look just that. Fake. What we want is real, and real comes from movement. All we do at engagement shoots and during the bride & groom portrait time of a wedding, is give our couples things to do together that they would naturally do. Things like walking and holding hands, dancing, snuggling, sharing secrets. All of these things create give the couple an opportunity to be themselves, which is what we want to photograph!

That’s only half of the equation though. The other half has to do with how you talk to your couples and creating a level of comfort with you through conversation…but you’ll have to come to Darling to hear more! And you’re just in luck, because I’m announcing details about the next on on Monday!!!! Come back then and see all the details about date, location, pricing, AND what sector of the wedding industry we’re including this go round! If you already know Darling is for you, sign up through this link to get access to early registration when it opens! Space is limited, and we’ll be opening registration to those on the mailing list first!

For now, enjoy the pretty photos from our mock engagement session!! Huge thanks to our models who drove all the way from SC to be part of the workshop!!! And to Michelle Clark for the seriously gorgeous hair & makeup!

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