January 24, 2017

Darling Wedding Workshop • Raleigh Photography Workshop

Darling Wedding Workshop Raleigh Photography Workshop Photo

It’s been kind of quiet on the workshop front. Honestly, I’ve been trying to figure out where it’s taking me. For a little while there I was trying to convince myself that the workshops were done, the interest had fizzled out, and it had run it’s course. But my heart kept telling me to keep going. That this dream is still alive. I still have more women to touch, more of myself to share. I started reaching out to some previous attendees to get their feedback on a few ideas, and the consistent feeling I was getting from them was that this workshop changed their businesses, their lives…for the better.

Who am I to give that up? Who am I to close the door to this thing that makes a difference? Time and time again they were telling me it was the most powerful workshop they’d attended for their businesses and to keep going. Their faith in me, in this, re-lit a spark, and today I am even more excited about it when the idea first arose two years ago! After months of rolling around what to do next, I am so incredibly happy to announce the next Darling Wedding Workshop on March 26-27, 2017!!!

We’re going back to where it all started. Back to the amazing venue that is The Bradford, with the ever talented team of C & D Events styling the shoot for the attendees! With a refreshed heart, new itinerary, and updated topics, this is going to be the best workshop yet! A fun new twist this time, based on feedback from past attendees, is that we’re able to host this workshop on a Sunday & Monday! I saw that it was hard for some people who really wanted to attend to take two days off work, so hopefully this will make it a little easier for those of you with full time jobs. Also, attendees will have the option of staying at The Bradford the night of the 26th! Details and pricing for the available rooms will be sent out in a welcome email after registration.

For full details, timeline and everything we’ll be covering in our two days together during this Raleigh Photography Workshop, head over to the Darling website and click on the workshop details section. It’s chock full with information and brand new imagery never seen before on the site! Most importantly it holds all the details about registration, which opens to the public on February 1st! I’ll let you in on a little secret though, if you sign up for the mailing list here, you’ll get early access to tickets. Which will be really helpful when trying to snag one of only 12 seats available!

Can’t wait to meet this round of ladies and see this workshop change lives like it has in the past!!