November 7, 2019

Dylan & Carter • Family Mini Session in Wake Forest

Family mini session in wake forest photo

Raleigh is kind of, sort of, barely starting to think about finally having some cooler fall weather!!! (even though it’s already the beginning of November haha) That has me very excited until about February when I refuse to crawl out from under blankets because I’m sick of being cold.  Now I’m blogging, thinking back to this early fall family mini session in Wake Forest. I’m remembering the  temperatures they dealt with and let’s just say the clothing is not reflective of what it felt like haha.

This family, and all of my others, were such troopers though and no one complained!! The boys did awesome.  Even while they were wearing long sleeves in the hot temperatures!! When I started taking pictures for this family a few years back, the boys weren’t super enthused to be there. This year though, they didn’t seem to mind much at all. We had plenty of time to knock out all of the different combinations of people and then go on to play some games!

If I had to guess, the running was probably their favorite part. But mine was watching them have so much fun interacting together!  I always tell the parents that their boys are like a window into the future with my boys.  Hopefully mine will love each other just as much as these two do!

If you are interested in family pictures please contact us here and we will get information over to you right away!!

Wake Forest father with his two sons photo Wake Forest mother in a gray dress with her two young sons photo Wake Forest young brothers hugging each other photo Raleigh brother's holding hands in a field photo Wake Forest 5 year old boy in a red and white striped shirt photo Wake Forest 6 year old boy wearing a gray hoodie photo Wake forest mother and father walking and holding hands with their two young sons photo Raleigh boys running and playing together in a field photo Wake Forest brothers with their backs against each other photo Wake Forest big brother with his arm around his little brother's shoulders photo