May 4, 2017

Elaina & Becky • Wake Forest Maternity Photographer

wake forest maternity photographer photo

This is one of my first blog posts that I’m writing myself so just wanted to say a quick HI!!!! I’m Carter Smith, A.J.’s younger sister, and family photographer for AJDP!! I joined the team last year. I have had so much fun meeting so many amazing families that grow to become friends!  One of the most fun parts though has been getting to capture special moments for those I already know and love. I get extra nervous for those sessions but I also have so much fun!  This spring I got to play Wake Forest maternity photographer to two ladies who were already friends and we had the best time!!

Elaina and Becky are two of my close friends who also happened to be pregnant at the same time!  I walked through pregnancy with several close friends and it is so special (and helpful!!) to share that time with other people.  When I talked to them about doing maternity pictures, we decided we wanted an all girls session- no husbands invited! And they ROCKED it!! Elaina and Becky– you both radiated beauty during this season of your life and I feel so privileged that I was able to capture that for you! I can’t wait to watch our sweet babies grow up together:)

Pregnancy is tough. No questions about it.  But it’s also incredibly beautiful and a time that I feel should always be captured.  Moms-to-be aren’t always excited to use the little energy they have to do their hair, make-up and pick out an outfit, but it’s always worth it in the end!! You get to freeze a moment in time where your body is doing something amazing–growing a tiny human!!! So ladies, if you’re on the fence- do your hair, put on the make-up, wear something that makes you feel pretty and take the pictures, even if you just use a phone in your backyard!

If you decide you want a little more than cell phone pictures, shoot us an email at for rates and availability, and we’ll be happy to send you all the info!

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