October 17, 2019

Extended Family Session • Wake Forest Family Photography

Wake Forest family of 4 with a son and a daughter standing in front of the Historic Wakefield Barn photo

Last week I wrote about a family who is one of the top three longest clients for AJDP.  This week you have another top 3 family!!!  Not only did A.J. shoot this couple’s wedding, but also her sister’s wedding!! Mixed in there we have done pregnancy announcements, maternity pictures, newborns for both their kids and family shoots! They have been a huge part of my Wake Forest family photography sessions!

For this session they added in their whole extended family!! We had their mom & dad and all four sisters + spouses!  They are the sweetest group who are always laughing and ready to have a good time.  Everyone stayed relaxed (despite record breaking end-of-September temperatures) and the kids did awesome too!! The little boy, Crew, had a permanent smile on his face pretty much the whole time!!!  And his parents said that’s how he always is!  The other kids did awesome too!

We get asked, quite frequently, if we can fit everything into a 25 minute session.  This family is the perfect example–this was all shot within a 25 minute mini session!!! We were able to do the whole extended family, different break outs of people and family photos for the individual families and kids.  It’s a lot and pretty fast paced but it goes smoothly!!!  The key is making sure everyone is there early so that no one feels rushed or stressed and then to just stay relaxed during the session. It’s amazing what can be captured in just 25 minutes!!

We are so grateful to this family that they continue to use AJDP year after year!!! We love watching their family grow and getting to be a part of their story.

If you would like more information about a family session, please contact us here and we will get information over to you right away!!

Wake forest mother and father holding their 9 month old son photo Wake Forest father with his daughter and son photo Wake Forest mother with her three year old daughter photo Wake Forest brothers and sisters sitting on a stone patio photo Wake Forest cousins all together sitting in the grass photo Wake Forest family holding their three month old photo Wake forest mother and father each holding their daughter photo Wakefield Barn extended family session photo Wake forest grandparents with their three grandchildren photo Wake Forest sisters laughing with their mother photo Wake Forest family siblings with their children photo Wake Forest brother in laws photo Wake Forest grandparents smiling and looking at each other photo Wake Forest family photography photo