January 31, 2018

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

how to find the perfect wedding photographer

When The Southeastern Bride reached out to me about writing an article for them I was so honored! They wanted me to share my view on how to find the perfect wedding photographer. A topic I’m obviously passionate about. I jumped on board and began brainstorming what I want every bride to know when searching for a photographer!

Once I had an outline in place, the words started pouring out of me. Fingers flying, typing up a storm, I had the whole thing written in 20 minutes! A few proof reading adjustments later, I pressed send and waited for today to arrive. The day when I’d get to share my thoughts on how to find the perfect wedding photographer!

I truly believe photographers are one of the most important vendors to connect with when planning a wedding. I could probably write a whole series on the topic. For today, I’ll just share the article I wrote for The Southeastern Bride HERE. A little piece of my wedding planning heart.

I won’t spoil the read, but in it there are some tips about using your referrals, meeting a photographer, and when to know it’s right. I hope it helps someone out find the perfect wedding photographer. Even if it only helps one bride my job is done.

Casey and the whole Southeastern Bride staff, thank you for this tremendous honor. I value our relationship so much and am so incredibly thankful the crazy world of wedding publications brought us together a few years ago. I love this series you’ve created for brides and think what you’re doing over there is going to help so many people! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

If anyone reading this has questions about photographers or anything wedding related, reach out, I’m more than happy to help if I can!