December 13, 2018

Friends Maternity Session

Families, Photographer: Carter

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Ever since having my own children, maternity photos have such a special place in my heart.  Pregnant mamas have the best glow about them and are always so incredibly beautiful!  I still can’t believe (even though I have solid proof, twice haha) that our bodies an really grow an actual human!! This is part of the reason that I encourage mama’s to capture this special time with Wake Forest maternity pictures, even when it’s their second!! 

These two families also have a special place in my heart!! Not only are they fun to work with, but they are all such great people too! I’ve done a few sessions for these families (see Sophie’s 1 year old photos  and their baby announcement session.) They are always so laid back and we have the best time. When they approached me about wanting some joint maternity pictures I was over the moon! Their families are best friends so they wanted some special pictures since they were pregnant at the same time.

In case you’re wondering the logistics behind shooting two families, each with a toddler, and maternity pictures, let me explain!  I had them book two back-to-back mini sessions (one for each family) and explain the plan to them over email.  For the day of the session I stop the first session about 10 minutes early and have the second family arrive early to join us and start the joint pictures.  Then about 10 minutes into the second session I have the first family leave and I finish with the second family individually.  It sounds like a little much, but it really flows so nicely!  We also get some adorable greeting pictures when the toddlers get so excited to see each other. It’s the cutest thing ever! 

I had never photographed a joint maternity session before but was excited for the challenge.  All it took was them emailing us with an idea, a few logistical conversations and their dream came to life.  If you have an idea for a special type of session that you might want please contact us here. We will work with you to make it happen!

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wake forest, nc best friends combined maternity session photo
wake forest, nc toddlers playing photo
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wake forest, nc husband and wife maternity photo
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wake forest maternity photo
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