February 20, 2020

Gavin & Harper • Outdoor Family Photographer

Looking back through all of my fall sessions has me equal parts wishing we were back in that season again and thrilled that the holiday season is behind us! I love the holidays but they get so busy!! I have to remind myself constantly that it’s okay not to do all the things! My boys are always so much happier when I just let them play and do things at their pace. If I’m being honest, most of the activities are more because I want them than the boys actually wanting them! I try to find a balance, especially in my role as an outdoor family photographer, sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t!

Family pictures usually fall into that category of things I want but my kids don’t. Anyone else feel that way?! I think it’s the same for a lot of families, but there are ways to find that happy balance. That is always my goal as the photographer. To be able to capture the pictures the family wants, but also keep it smooth and fun for the little ones involved! It’s not always perfect, but more often than not we get to the end and the parents say “well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!” I 100% understand that sentiment and say it after my own family pictures (which I really need to schedule haha)!

This family was awesome at finding that balance!! Having two young kids they were a little nervous coming into it (as am I with my own kids!). We took it at a quick but fun pace to get the most out of the short kid attention spans. When one kid needed to run down the path a little, I worked with the other child to get some solo cute ones and then traded! I also love to play games during the session. Some of my favorite pictures are when we get kids giggling and playing with their parents or siblings.

Now towards the end, when the kids are ready to be done, we let them explore for a minute. During this time we can grab some of just the parents! I always suggest these because this relationship is the most important! Taking a second to be husband and wife (and celebrate surviving the session) is always worth it! And when your anniversary rolls around and you have a cute picture for Insta, you’ll thank me for making you take it haha!

You’ll never regret taking the pictures.  I’ll always do my best to make it fun and easy for you and the kids!! If you would like more info about a family mini sessions (short and sweet, just the right length for kids!), contact us here. We will get information over to you right away!!

Raleigh family photographer mother with her son photo Wake Forest parents holding their young son and daughter for a picture photo Raleigh 4 year old boy in a long sleeve striped shirt playing on a grass road photo Wake Forest son sitting on his dad's shoulders looking down at his mom and sister photo Raleigh 2 year old girl in a fur vest with a pink bow and boots standing on a path beside a field photo Raleigh family of four walking together and hold hands down a stone path photo Wake Forest husband and wife snuggling in together while their kids play photo Wake forest family of four crouched down snuggled in and laughing together photo