July 21, 2010

Hadley Rehearsal Dinner Part 1


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My friends, Amanda & Chesson, got married last weekend.  About a week before their wedding, Amanda called me asking me if I could photograph their rehearsal dinner.  I didn’t hesitate to say yes!  I was so honored to be a part of this special time in their life.  It was held at the The Pavilions at the Angus Barn.  It was the PERFECT spot for any event, and I didn’t even know it existed until then!  I’ve never been treated so well by the staff at a venue…they kept checking on me asking if I was hungry, thirsty, making sure everything was going ok with me.  Definitely first class!

Chesson’s parents know how to throw a party!  Honestly, it was probably the most fun I’ve had at any event.   Mostly because of Chesson. As you will see in the pictures, he is hilarious!  I laughed hysterically as I edited them.  Part 1 is of the dinner, details, toasts, friends & family. Part 2 is ALL dancing pics!  Their friends had so much fun on the dance floor that I can make a whole post out of the pics!  So, check back in tomorrow : )  But for today…

Isn’t it beautiful!  I just love this venue!The families : )  Isn’t Amanda gorgeous?!!!  And I love her dress!

Ok, don’t laugh at us…but we took these next photos in the ladies restroom.  It was all decked out with antique mirrors and couches, which made for the most perfect girls session!Fun with the props…This goose kept trying to sneak some food.I love all the little details the Angus Barn set up…Chesson, is a professional golfer now, and he just graduated from Georgia Tech.  So these were their Rehearsal Dinner favors.  Love it!  And yes, I said he’s a professional golfer.  He is amazing at his sport.  He wouldn’t brag, so I will…he was the individual ACC Champion this year!!!!  This is making my mouth water : )  I ate dinner before I arrived for some reason!  That was a stupid decision, haha.So, I told you Chesson is funny, right?  Amanda’s trying to have a serious conversation with the DJ and this is what Chesson is doing.  I love how she doesn’t even notice him.  I guess she’s used to it by now.  Chesson’s parents saying hello to everyone and Chesson doing his best to be serious.I love the look on Amanda’s face as Chesson’s giving her a toast.  It’s so obvious how in love they are!  And then, I love this moment they are having on the left.  They’re going to have so much fun as a married couple!And then I thought this moment between Mr. & Mrs. Hadley was sweet too!I don’t remember what she was cracking up at, but I love the look on her face when she caught me taking her photo. : )Look how happy they are! Tune in tomorrow for the dancing pics!

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  1. stacie says:

    i LOVE THEM AJ!!!! SERIOUSLY, you did awesome! the ones of amanda laughing are some of my favorites ever!!!!

  2. Rachel Fulk says:

    I seriously could look at your pictures all day. They are beautiful and you capture the story so perfectly. It helps to have beautiful people in them like Amanda, Chesson, Stacie and those guys.

  3. Karen B. says:

    love love love these pictures! i felt like i was there because you captured the night so well! can’t wait to see the dance party :)

  4. Laurie Geer says:

    You did a wonderful job in photographing their rehearsal dinner! I loved how you captured the different emotions. Did you have any pictures of Amanda’s brother, Jake?

  5. A.J. says:

    Thank you for all the sweet compliments. Laurie, I did get some of Jake. I know for sure there are a few of him doing his toast. I’ll be posting the rest in an online gallery soon…if you go to my website and click on proofing, you’ll see a link to register to view them there (Hadley Rehearsal Dinner). Then you’ll get an email when they are ready for viewing! Hope you like the rest!

  6. EdnaRuth Hadley says:

    AJ these photos are wonderful. Russell and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job. Everyone had a great time and you have captured that. Amanda and Chesson are such a lovely couple. The pix of them to us truly are priceless

  7. Hank Lowry says:

    Now that I have met your friends, Chesson and Amanda, I am enjoying going back through the photos and understand exactly what you mean.