May 9, 2014

Haley & Steve | Greensboro Engagement


Oh my gosh, I am SO excited to share these photos with you, actually I’m excited to share this couple with you! These two are seriously adorable…like seriously! Sometimes couples can get so wrapped up in picking the perfect location, outfits, accessories for their engagement photos, instead of just focusing on what’s most important…them as a couple. While Haley and Steve nailed all those small details, they also really let their love shine through. You want beautiful, happy-go-lucky, in love engagement photos? Then just be yourselves! More on that in another blog post, so I’ll hop off my soapbox now and hop onto the Haley & Steve forever bandwagon (there must be a cheering squad somewhere for these guys) : )

I don’t really know what to say other than we love them as a couple. When Haley called me mid-winter about her June wedding, I wanted to say no. I knew I was pregnant, knew that would be tacking one extra thing onto my 8th-ish month of pregnancy, but I couldn’t turn her down! After meeting them in person finally, I’m so glad I didn’t either. Her happiness is infectious! Don’t worry she went into this arrangement fully knowing when I’m due and was totally ok with it. See that’s why I love her! She has to be one of the most stress-free brides ever. Sometimes when I get a bubbly bride I get nervous about the grooms relationship with us. You know, the whole opposite attract thing? I worry they might be timid, reserved, hard to photograph. But not Steve. He compliments her bubbly side perfectly, and together they are a perfect match. Just look at their photos?! Can’t you tell how happy they are together!

Haley & Steve, we can’t thank you enough for choosing us and bringing us into this happy time in your lives. We are so excited to celebrate with you in less than a month!!!

00060023002000290037003800570061And she thinks she can’t rock the serious face? Look at you go Haley!006400680070We may or may not have had Steve shake the branch above their head to let some of those flowers fall on them : )
00740088A favorite below!00780089Thank you for braving that creek with me! I’m pretty sure we all got a calf workout from balancing on the rocks, and my mom would have been very mad if she’d seen me balancing on them 7 months pregnant : )
009200980103Another fave!0107Sometimes there are the most beautiful fields in the most random of places.01100114011701250129Love the face she gave when I asked her to do serious…and then she pulled it together and rocked it again!013601550139015701600164After the nature part of their session, we headed over to one of their favorite local ice cream spots…which was closed! That’s ok, we made it work! And then they took us out for ice cream somewhere else, since you can’t tell a pregnant girl she’s getting ice cream and not let her have any : )01690179You guys are adorable!01800188

Now that you’ve fallen in love with them like we have, you’ll have to come back in a month to see their wedding!