June 12, 2014

Haley & Steve | June 8, 2014 | Kernersville, NC Wedding


We knew going into this day that it was going to be fun. From the very first second I spoke with Haley, I knew I HAD to photograph her wedding. She was just so bubbly and full of life! And their day didn’t disappoint! Steve and Haley are two of the easiest people we’ve ever photographed. They naturally fall into each other in a way that only two people head over heels in love do. They laugh together, snuggle, and all around make life fun. I could go on for days about these two!

Their day was perfect, but it wasn’t without some surprises. At the very end of our portraits with the guys it started to sprinkle. It was only a small chance of storms, so I wasn’t too worried…and then the downpour started. After looking at the radar, Haley & Steve decided to flip flop their cocktail hour with their ceremony so they could still have that outdoor ceremony they’d always dreamed about. It actually worked out perfectly! All the guests got to mingle and no one was late! Since they were waiting to see each other until the ceremony, Haley spent that time with her girls playing games and practicing her adorable dance with her dad. Her bridesmaids did such a good job of entertaining her, and keeping her distracted while she waited out the rain! In the end, it was all perfect! The sun came out, they had a gorgeous garden ceremony, and the most dreamy portrait session ever!

Congratulations on the start of a beautiful marriage you two! We hope you are enjoying every second of your honeymoon! Enjoy your previews : )

Wedding dress hanging in front of barn doors- A.J. Dunlap Photography
0004I was in love with their invitations!001000156 girls, 1 mirror…it so works!0026004000630064Haley asked her girls to wait until she was in her gown instead of helping her get dressed. Their reactions when they were allowed back in the room were adorable!0075Cloudy days, make for gorgeous portraits like this…that and having a stunning bride helps too!00960097Blue and white hydrangeas for the bride's bouquet- A.J. Dunlap Photography
I loved these girls, and their dresses!Bridesmaids in Navy Blue with hydrangeas- A.J. Dunlap Photography

013001340137014101450155017101760179018101820183018401850186Steve’s guys were just as fun as Haley’s girls. We didn’t get to spend a ton of time with them, since we got rained out, but the little bit we did was awesome!0209021702210232Groomsmen in suspenders with light blue ties- A.J. Dunlap Photography
025602590260Outdoor wedding ceremony under an arbor- A.J. Dunlap Photography
028102820283Sweet moments pre-ceremony getting prayed over.03320334037003650389039404020414Love that they took communion together during their ceremony. It was a beautiful, quite moment between them!04240395044204910499I was one happy photographer when the sun came out for their portraits!05030512052305180531053305370540And Haley thinks she doesn’t so serious well…HA! Look at that!05430546I have to stop here and thank these two for walking through red clay in wedding attire to get to this field. It was so worth it though!


Reception tables with navy blue and hydrangeas- A.J. Dunlap Photography
0596So many yummy cakes!06600598061306150628064206660671And I’ve never seen so many good dancers on the floor!!!!06840745076107680818Haley and Steve wanted a private last dance of the night. Love how sweet and intimate that was!08260835

Congrats again you two!!!

Venue: Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden 
Caterer: Maria’s Gourmet Catering
Florist: DIY (Bouquets & boutineers are from Harris Teeter & Jordan House of Flowers)
Coordinator: Anna Bulfin anna.bulfin@gmail.com
Cake:  Sweet Meg’s Bakery  
DJ: The Perfect Beat 
Dress: Classic Bride & Formals
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Ann Taylor Loft
Videography: Dock House Digital
Table Numbers: Ginny Lou