February 23, 2016

I Am An Artist | NC Wedding Photographer

I am an artist.

Can I be honest? That’s a really hard statement for me to write. I feel like a fraud saying it. I mean, I get the logic of it. Photography is art, and I take photos. Therefore I am an artist. Case and point.

But I think being an artist goes so much deeper than that. It’s a state of heart, not a state of mind. Committing that mantra to my heart, as a way of living, working, and creating is hard. It requires accessing a raw place somewhere within myself. Somewhere that my logical side has a hard time finding sometimes.

It seems to come so easy to some people. From an outsider’s perspective it seems some people create gorgeous images full of emotions and feeling without even trying. I know that’s not true. Sure it might come easier to them, some people are born with strong creative side, but I know they don’t wake up each morning, turn on their creative switch, and poof gorgeous photos pop out of their cameras. They’ve worked hard to hone their craft, their skills and tap into that artistic side of themselves. They’ve failed, just like I have. More than once.

I have to remind myself of that constantly. In the social media heavy world we live in, the comparison game is hard to avoid! And it can suck the life out of a creative heart. Let’s call it what it is. It’s jealously. And it’s a terrible way to live. It’s almost impossible to find your own artistic voice when you’re constantly comparing your work to someone else’s. I heard a long time ago, and try to remind myself of this often: the comparison game isn’t played fairly, because naturally you’re comparing your worst to someone else’s best. Isn’t that so true!

One of my goals for 2016 is to tap into my artistic side more. I know this is backwards, but for me, it’s going to require my brain remembering to tell my heart to lead until I create that habit. Every time I step up to the camera, I’m going to remember to create art. If I train myself to let my heart take over more often, soon it’ll become natural to me too! It’s going to require me to stop playing the comparison game. That might mean less social media, but, really, I think I need to work on creating more of an attitude of amazement and wonder at these gorgeous pieces of art, than one of comparison. Art should inspire! When I feel that little jealousy monster creeping in, I’m going to remind myself to be inspired! Let other people’s art push my heart to create more, create better!

Hopefully, by the end of this year, I can scream “I am an artist!!!” confidently and feel like it’s really, really true.

If you want to see true artists in action, go check out those ladies: Michelle Lyerly, Julia Wade, and Perry Vaile. I’m proud to call each of these girls friends, and can truly say they inspire me with every image they take! They make me feel, and that is what I think a true piece of art does.

Here’s a pretty photo, because no blog is complete without one. And this image makes me feel something, so therefor I consider it art.

Angus Barn Raleigh NC bride and groom artistic photo