October 10, 2019

Jason & Claire • Family Photographer in Wake Forest NC

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Seven years!!!! That’s how long this family has been with AJDP!! If we sat and thought there might be another family or two that rivals that, but these two are in the top three for sure!  Long before they had two adorable kids, Harry & Christine hired A.J. as their wedding photographer.  Little did they know  just how long they would be stuck with us haha! Becoming a family photographer in Wake Forest NC meant that I inherited all of A.J.’s previous couples and families.  It has been an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to serve this family.

By capturing these images they will be able to look back on this sweet time with young kids.  They will hopefully be able to remember how kind and sweet their two kids are (and maybe forget the occasional tantrum that every toddler is bound to throw haha).  Jason, the older brother, is quite possibly the sweetest big brother I’ve seen.  He is calm with his little sister and will do whatever it takes to make her laugh!  Between him and his father, we all end up laughing through the whole session! He gently helped his little sister, Claire, take a few steps while giving us the biggest grins!!

Harry & Christine- thank you thank you thank you! We appreciate you trusting us to preserve memories for your family over the past seven years and look forward to the next seven!!!

If you would like more information about a family session please contact us here and we will get information over to you right away!!

Wake Forest father with his one year old daughter for family pictures photo Wake forest father and mother holding up their daughter and son photo Wake Forest father holding his four year old son upside down for a picture photo wake forest one year old girl laying her head on her father's shoulder while wearing a red bow photo Wake Forest mother holding her one year old daughter and making her laugh photo Wake Forest mother kissing and smiling with her one year old daughter photo Wake Forest mother and father standing with their son and daughter photo Wake forest brother holding his sister's hand and helping her walk photo Wake Forest brother and sister holding hands and smiling photo Wake forest one year old girl wearing a red hair bow and a cream dress with tiny flowers on it photo Wake Forest family of four walking together while the dad holds the one year old girl and the son walks in between his parents photo Wake forest family of four sitting on a blanket all looking at the one year old girl photo


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