July 6, 2016

Jenna & Justin • Raleigh Family Photographer • Maternity Portraits

raleigh maternity portraits in a field photo

There is nothing more beautiful than a mom-to-be. It’s a rare and brief period in a woman’s life, and one that I think is so important to capture through images. It truly is a miracle! Photographing their maternity portraits in this very special season of their lives was so special for me. They’re some of my sister’s closest friends, which means they’re my friends too. I’ve watched from the outside as they’ve waited for their turn to become parents, and seeing their dream come to life has been an amazing journey.

I remember standing in the kitchen at Thanksgiving last year when Jenna & Justin facetimed my sister. We looked at each other as the phone rang with nervous excitement, secretly hoping we knew what the call was about. Carter took the call in another room, leaving me waiting not so patiently to hear the news. As she hung up and came back into the kitchen, she had a smile from ear to ear. I didn’t need any more confirmation than that. These dear friends of hers were going to become parents!!!

Jenna has done pregnancy so gracefully. She’s worked hard to take care of her body, so she can take care of that sweet baby inside of her. 8 months in she is absolutely radiant! Justin has that dad-to-be giddiness about him. I remember it well with Kyle, and can see it all over Justin’s face when he talks about his baby. They are going to make wonderful parents, and one thing is for sure, that baby is going to be well loved!

We are so very happy for you two! Becoming parents is the most amazing thing ever, and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself in the coming weeks! Thank you so much for asking me to document this special time in your lives. It’s a very special honor! I hope these photos always remind you of the time you were carrying a miracle inside of you!

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