April 25, 2019

Jess & Joe

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Overall, I would say I’m not a very fearful person. Stressed and anxious occasionally, maybe haha. But not very fearful of much.  Except snakes.  They are my downfall.  Paralyzes me with fear. Thank goodness, being a portrait photographer in Wake Forest, I have only come across one snake and that was one in semi-hibernation and pretty small.  I no longer use that field to shoot because it’s now known to me as the snake field haha. Thankfully we all lived to tell the tale!

That snake background does have a point,  I promise!!  This beautiful couple, Jess & Joe, were previous a couple of A.J. She shot their wedding almost 5 years ago!  A few days before this session she was telling me what a fun couple they were and how much fun I would have chatting with them. Then A.J. goes “oh!!!!!! I almost forgot! They were my snake couple!”  I instantly drilled her for all the details, making sure they weren’t bringing a snake to the shoot haha!  A.J. proceeds to tell me how during their bridal party pictures, they went up to this empty field.

A.J.’s in the middle of taking the pictures and turns around to see a huge black snake, about 6 inches in diameter. She quickly discussed with Jenna (she was third shooting for her since A.J. was about to pop with Ada!) whether or not to tell the bride.  They did end up telling her since their screams gave it away haha.  Jess was also terrified of snakes, but held it together.  Thankfully the snake stayed put, the pictures were gorgeous and everyone hightailed it out of there as soon as possible!!!

So back to my session with them!  Jess & I share this fear of snakes so we were laughing over how big that snake was at their wedding. And how much it scared her haha. We had a great session, Joe was a great participant.  I could tell he didn’t love pictures but was happily there for his wife.  At the end I always ask if there’s anything I didn’t get that they would like.  Joe spoke up, wanting a picture in the middle of the field we were next to. I was a bit surprised since it’s pretty rare that the guys request pictures, but immediately game!!  With a catch though— he had to lead us in because Jess and I didn’t want to come across any snakes!!!

Luckily we didn’t see snakes!!! We got the prettiest pictures and some of my favorites are the ones in the field that he wanted! Jess & Joe- thank you so much for trusting me and for suggesting that last field, it didn’t disappoint!!!

If you’re interested in a mini session, please contact us here and we will get information to you right away!!

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