March 19, 2020

Kaysee & Jimmy • Outdoor Maternity Mini Session

Outdoor Maternity Mini session photo

What better way to kick off 2020 than with a sweet outdoor maternity mini session?!  There is something so special about a couple that’s about to become first time parents. I know the exact love that lays ahead for them and I get all giddy with excitement!  I can never decide which I love more, maternity sessions or my first sessions with the parents after the baby is born.

We lucked out with a great day for this January shoot!!  The weather wasn’t too cold and we had some great light.  A few clouds were in the sky but the sun would poke through every few minutes to highlight that adorable baby bump!  Kaysee was absolutely stunning in a long sleeved, long cream maternity dress.  Just simple enough to not take away from her cute belly and looked great in the setting! Her husband’s outfit complimented it perfectly with a little pattern in his shirt and jeans. We did have a little mud to walk over, but once we were past that the area opened into this cute little clearing!

Kaysee and Jimmy were brimming with excitement over their little bundle!  I love that maternity shoots give couples a few minutes to just slow down and sit in the fact that they will be meeting their baby before they know it.  I usually like to ask the mamas to tell their husbands what they are most excited about with seeing their husbands become fathers.  It’s always such a sweet moment and usually the mama’s get a few tears in their eyes.

If you are interested in more information about an outdoor maternity mini session or family session, please contact us here.  We will get information over to you right away!!

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