April 18, 2019

Lauren & Joseph

Families, Photographer: Carter

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Maternity Portraits in Wake Forest photo

When I met these two, kids were still off in the distant future.  We had a wonderful session that was so much fun!  Then we got the email that they are expecting and we were over the moon excited for them!!  The excitement only increased when they wanted to do gender reveal photos.  I had never done those before and it was the best!!!  Watching their excitement finding out it is a little girl made me feels so giddy.  I felt so honored to be there, finding out with them.  I also felt a lot of pressure to make sure those pictures turned out since there was only one shot at this real emotion haha! They turned out great and are some of my favorites to day! Fast forward a few weeks and I got to take her maternity portraits in Wake Forest!!!

Lauren absolutely rocked a gorgeous maroon dress that showed off her baby bump perfectly.  We spent a little bit walking to different spots, giving them time to cuddle up and just enjoy this time together.  I also did a good bit of talking about the pending birth because I love nothing more than talking birth stories haha!!

I love feeling like I’ve been a part of this journey with them from the beginning.  That is the best part of the job, connecting with clients that become friends and saving these moments for them.  I’m slightly jealous that A.J. will get to meet that little newborn once she’s here before I do, but rest assured I will be stalking those pictures as soon as she’s done!!!

Lauren & Joe- we are so so excited for the two of you and this new journey you’re on.  The love you two have is so special and will be perfect to bring a baby home to.  Congratulations and we can’t wait to hear that she has arrived!!!!

If you are interested in maternity pictures, please contact us here and we will get information to you right away!

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