April 3, 2017

Lauren & Will • Raleigh Engagement Photos

raleigh engagement photos with a golden retriever photo

I am loving these Raleigh engagement photos so much. How can I not when there’s a dog named Taco?! I mean seriously. Lauren and Will are pretty cute themselves, but TACO!! He kind of steals the show. Sorry you two, but that’s just the way it is! Dogs have a way of doing that, especially when they’re as adorable as this one.

These photos should have been shared a long time ago! We literally photographed these last fall, and it’s taken me this long to catch up with blogging. Insert hand to forehead moment here, while shaking my head out of embarrassment. But alas, they’re up now AND I got them in before the wedding, so big pat on the back there! I promise it’s not for lack of loving this couple or their photos. Some of these top my list for all time engagement photo faves! I love the black and white one of them laughing more than I can say, and of course all the ones with Taco!

Lauren & Will are full of life and oh so much fun to photograph. Their wedding is my last one before maternity leave, and while I’ll be nice and pregnant and moving slowly, I seriously can’t wait to photograph it for them! It’s going to be the best day full of so much love and I’m guessing laughter, just like their engagement session. Send some extra prayers up for all of us that it’ll be an exceptionally cool May day! I know we’d all appreciate it!

Thank you two so much for making me part of this very special year for you guys. It’s such an honor! Can’t wait for May to get here so we can capture the magic that will be your happily ever after! Give Taco a big hug for me, and an extra treat just because!
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