January 24, 2013

Madelyn Diane | Our newest little niece

Being an aunt never gets old, and having a 4th niece rocks!   When my sister told me she was pregnant though, I have to admit I was a little shocked.  After 3 boys, I kind of thought she was done…but I’m so glad she wasn’t!  Now we have this brand new, sweet little, adorable niece to love : )  And you know we’re going to spoil her rotten!  I see slumber parties, tea parties, shopping trips and spa days in very near future!  Someone has to rescue her from that world of 3 older brothers…right?!

Maddie, Auntie A.J. & Uncle Kyle love you with all our hearts and are SO glad you’re part of our family.  You are such a blessing to us.  Know every single day that you are loved, and you are special!  Auntie Melissa & Uncle Roger love you too, and when you get older make sure to thank them for letting us use their awesome house for your pictures!

I have this inability to get babies to sleep for newborn pictures.  I’m not joking babies absolutely refuse sleep for me!  Maddie on the other hand, slept the entire time!  She must have know I’m her auntie : )  We tried and tried to wake her and she just kept on sleeping!  Thank you sweet little girl!

My Dad came to visit while we took pictures, so we grabbed a few with him too : )

And a few with my sister & Miss Maddie!  Look at her cute little smile : ) See she didn’t even wake for these!  Still sleeping like a champ!

My younger sister and I have this obsession with Melissa’s grape pillow.  We’ve threatened to steal it a few times.  But if it went missing she’d know who took it, so we haven’t tried yet.  Isn’t it awesome?!

FINALLY she opened her eyes for just a second so I could snap this one below!

A photo visit to my sister’s wouldn’t be complete without getting a few pictures of Mr. Mingo.  He kind of has a hard time with the stay command, meaning he’d much rather be on your lap so he maintains a safe distance of no more than 18 inches from you at all times just in case you decide sit down.  Which means getting a picture of him isn’t the easiest thing.  Somehow we managed to get him to sit still for a moment for this first one.  Isn’t he precious!

Thanks for stopping by to see my ever so cute niece…and nephew : )!

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