October 16, 2017

Meet Jenna • AJDP Associate Wedding Photographer

Associate wedding photographers in Raleigh photo

For years, I’ve dreamt of having a photography team. Then early last year, my sister joined us, and that dream starting coming true. We’ve had the best time working together, facetiming incessantly with questions and business things and all the stories, and growing, lots and lots of growing. It’s been a work in progress, we’ve definitely hit road bumps along the way, but we’ve figured it all out together.

After smoothing out the edges, we decided it was time to grow again. This time in the form of another wedding photographer! In true AJDP style, we jumped head first into this, in the middle of wedding season, just before Carter goes on maternity leave, with a new baby in the house. Obviously the most ideal time to add another photographer. As crazy as all of that sounds, it really is the best time. Especially when that shooter is a beautiful of an artist as Jenna.

Jenna is a true gift. She’s actually been an unofficial team member for years. She helped me with several weddings during Ada’s pregnancy while she was finishing up photography school, and has always been the biggest cheerleader for us. Her heart is pure gold and her love for weddings is exactly what we want in an associate photographer.

About a month ago, I bit the bullet and nervously asked if she would ever consider doing weddings with me and my brand…and that’s when it all began. We’ve since talked a thousand times trying to nail down how exactly this will work, and have dotted all our I’s and crossed all our T’s and, I’m so excited to officially say she is now an associate wedding photographer for A.J. Dunlap Photography!! I could squeal I’m so happy!

She’s exactly what we needed at the most perfect (albeit crazy) time in our lives. We are truly blessed she’s joined our team and can’t wait to see all the beautiful images she’s going to take! Her talent is so natural and so beautiful! She has a passion for the creative side of things, think fashion with an artistic touch. A servant’s heart perfect for doting on brides for their special day. A recent graduate of Appalachian University with a degree in commercial photography, and has several years under her belt of photographing weddings on her own before joining us! Head over to our about section to read more about her and why we love her so much!

Jenna, we’re so very happy you are joining us! We love you to pieces and can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us!!

She is now officially open for bookings! Click on contact above to inquire about her wedding packages and see her full portfolio!!