May 29, 2019

Laura • Bridals

Bridals, Photographer: Jenna

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Mims House Bridal Portraits photo

Bridal portraits — the perfect reason to get dressed up before the wedding! I love getting to photograph brides before their big day because we get to dedicate an entire session to her bridal look. She has always dreamt about what she’d look like as a bride one day. She probably tried on lots of dresses and thought lots about which one is the perfect one for her. “Is this the dress?” “Should I keep trying more on?” “Is this what I thought I’d end up with?” “Okay yes, this is it!” “Holy moly, I’m a BRIDE.” “I can’t wait for him to see me in it.” “Can it be the wedding day yet?!” A million questions and thoughts, but now she has her dress. And it’s perfect. Bridal portraits are all about the bride and her bridal look. These Mims House bridal portraits of Laura are no different. She was exquisite, as every bride should feel.

The funny thing about this session is that A.J. was actually supposed to photograph Laura’s bridals. But due to a last minute family emergency for A.J., I actually got the privilege of doing this session myself. Laura and I became quick friends! What an honor it is for she and her mom to trust me to capture such a momentous time in her life. And even more so, what an honor it is for A.J. to also trust me to do Laura’s bridal session in her place. These are the portraits that will perhaps be displayed at Laura’s wedding, and also maybe in their new home or her parents’ home. I don’t take that lightly!

Laura was an absolute natural in front of the camera. Her wedding gown was a perfect representation of her. She has such a kind spirit and carefree attitude, which I’m sure you’ll be able to see in these images. Laura, thank you for trusting me to capture these portraits of you. Everything about your bridal look is absolutely lovely. These Mims House bridal portraits are ones that I’ll always remember.

Mims House bride in white A line wedding gown with pockets photo Mims House bride outside with a sleeveless gown with a veil over her shoulders photo Mims House bride standing in front of an oval mirror on the wall looking over her shoulder photo Mims House bride standing inside in front of a gray wall with her bouquet photo Mims House bride standing in a room with light pink velvet couch wearing a veil photo Mims House bride wearing an A line dress with a short train behind her photo Mims House bride in black and white photo pulling the veil over her shoulder photo Raleigh, NC bride with her hands in her lap showing her bridal jewelry photo Raleigh, NC bride in sleeveless dress pulling her veil around her and looking over her shoulder photo Apex, NC bride with an A line sleeveless dress touching her collar bone and looking to the side photo Mims House bride on the porch looking down at her bouquet with white flowers photo Mims House bride standing in front the white house with columns photo Raleigh, NC bride standing in front of the Mims House for her bridal portraits in an A-line gown photo Apex, NC bride standing in front of the Mims House with her veil wrapping around her shoulders photo Apex bride walking down a red brick path photo Mims House bride twirling her a-line wedding dress on the brick path photo

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  1. Sharon J Allen says:

    Thank you, Jenna for these great bridal shots. I enjoyed the session along with my daughter. You were so professional and yet personal. You put Laura at ease and that shows in the beautiful moments you expertly captured.

  2. A.J. says:

    Thank you so much. It was such an honor to be part of her day!

  3. Mary Marshall says:

    These are absolutely breath-taking. Such a lovely young lady!