February 12, 2013

My Week of Clumsiness

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This has been the clumsiest week I think I’ve ever had!  I’m not the most graceful person anyway, but for the last six or seven days it’s been worse than usual.  I’ve no joke gone through an entire box of bandaids by myself!  It all started when I was coming home from the grocery store last week.  I had my arms full of bags, opened the storm door and put my foot back to catch it like I always do.  Except this time it caught me and scraped the back of my left ankle.  It was one of those injuries that took a second to actually start hurting, so for a moment I just stood there stunned.  Then the pain set in and it was all I could do to not pass out!  A week later it’s finally starting to heal…thank goodness!

That’s not all though!  Sunday we were out shopping, having a good time when I realized my thumb was hurting.  I looked down to see I’d somehow managed to slice a huge paper cut!  The only thing I can think is maybe I cut it on a price tag…?

But WAIT there’s more! Later that evening, as I was sitting in bed painting my nails (can you see where this is going?), we fluffed the covers to straighten them out.  It must have hit my nail polishes because 2 bottles when flying to the floor.  I jumped out of bed freaking out because I knew I’d left my clear one partially open!  But strangely that one didn’t spill a drop.  My gray, fully-sealed, bottle had actually shattered on the carpet!  How that happened we’re still not sure.  We both jumped up and frantically trying to figure out how to get this stain out of the carpet! Of course we googled “how to get nail polish out of carpet” only to figure out we didn’t have any of the supplies needed for their solutions. Since it was around 11PM there wasn’t much we could do right then, so we did follow the one instruction we could and kept a damp cloth over it to hopefully keep it from drying.

The next day I got up to make our bed, trying to avoid the wet polish and slipped catching myself with the knuckle of my other thumb & proceeded to slice that on open too!  Did I mention it’s been a clumsy week?!  Back to the stain…I called a carpet company to see how much it would be to have them come out.  They said it would be a minimum of $100, which wouldn’t be such a big deal if they could guarantee they could get it out, but they couldn’t.  So I did the next best thing.  I went to Sally’s and bought 3 bottles of their “pure acetone” for $10.  I figured the carpet’s already ruined so acetone can’t make it any worse.  I started pouring and blotting with paper towels (which you can imagine felt great on my freshly injured thumbs), and magically it ALL CAME OUT!  I’m still in shock because as you can see it was a HUGE stain (please excuse the awful iphone pictures too.  It was the best I could do in dark room)!  I did pour clean water on top of the acetone and vacuumed that out with a wet vac so it wouldn’t eat the carpet fibers, and we slept with the window cracked because our room stunk!

You’d think with all of that I’d be done, right?  WRONG! Today I was getting ready to put on lotion and began to take my wedding rings off when one of them went flying down the bathtub like a slip n’ slide and into the drain.  Thankfully it wasn’t my diamond, just one of my small bands that goes around my engagement ring…but still it’s something that’s special to me.  We’re still working on figuring out how to get that out. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them!  I knew one day I’d drop something down a drain, since almost every girl does, I just didn’t think it would be today.

Kyle just sits back and laughs at me every time something new happens.  I can’t say I blame him.  It really is comical.  I mean who slices their heel, both thumbs, shatters a bottle of nail polish on carpet and looses their wedding ring down the drain in one week?!  I would have laughed at me too!  I’m telling you what from here on out it won’t be me!  I’m declaring that my clumsy week is over and from now on I will be know as A.J. the Careful One!

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  1. Barbara Pollock Readling says:

    Glad the nail polish came out. Your week has been a mess. I think your new week should start on Wednesday! As for your ring, it is probably in the trap…… Have you considered a plumber?

  2. Brian Darocha says:

    I have a 18″ to 24″ spring loaded “claw” that you can get at any hardware store. It’s helped me several times.