January 30, 2019

Laura & Daniel

nc film engagement photographer photo

I’m still figuring out this crazy world as a NC Film engagement photographer. It’s challenging, but in a fun way. This was one of my very first shoots on film! I photograph in this field all the time. It’s one of my favorite secret spots in Raleigh. This was my first time taking a couple there with my film camera though!

Yes, I did take my digital camera with me and photographed 90% of the shoot on digital. I mean, it was one of my first film shoots after all. But all the images you see here are film! It was fun seeing this field through a new medium. One that’s old and doesn’t give into the instant gratification of the back screen preview. I love the way the film captured the grass and sunlight streaming through the trees.

Most of all, I love the happiness between these two. It is so natural. I love the way she smiles when he holds her hand. The way they make each other laugh. It’s a genuine love, and I for one, can’t wait for their wedding day to get here!

Laura & Daniel, thanks for trusting me with my new film camera and my favorite field. Hope you two are enjoying the short stage that is an engagement, and I hope these pictures always remind you how happy this stage in your life is!

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