August 27, 2015

Ice Cream Smash

Teal high chair ice cream cake smash

I’ve started a new hashtag #adascreamsforicecream. There are only a few pictures on it, because I’m trying to be a good mom and not let her have it very often. But she’s hard to resist. That cute little face, that squeal when she sees it. She is definitely our daughter. We semi live our lives around where we can find ice cream, and more than once have tried to figure out a way to get back to San Francisco as a business expense, simply to eat their ice cream again. There are many reasons I could never go vegan, but ice cream is probably the biggest : )

When it came time to plan Ada’s first birthday bash, we had no choice but to let her have an ice cream sundae. Plus, cakes are overrated anyway. Half the time the icing is too hard for the kid to break through and they end up crying from frustration. Not to say we wouldn’t ever do it, just there was no debate once we found out how much she loved the sugary frozen treat. Oh sweet girl did she love it! She loved it all the way up until her fingers froze, which is probably why we don’t see more ice cream smashes. Her face though when she saw that sundae, nothing will ever beat that face. It was worth the frozen fingers and all.

Between life right now, the house potentially being on the market, and moving, we didn’t have time to plan her an actual party. My mom graciously offered to host a family cookout in her back yard so we could at least celebrate, my sister decorated because she’s the queen of pinterest decor, and we borrowed a cute high chair from a friend who so graciously let us turn her vintage chair into a sticky mess. It was simple, private and perfect. Better than any first birthday party I could have planned that’s for sure. Maybe year two we’ll throw her a big bash, but this year it was a small smash for our Ada bug.

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