March 11, 2016

Our Living Room Decor

raleigh nc mid century living room decor photo

We’ve officially been in this house for 6 months today! I’m trying to wrap my head around that, because it’s so crazy to think it’s been that long. And yet, at the same time, it’s felt like home from the moment we signed the papers. If you’re just now joining us in this journey, let me fill you in. Last year, we built a house! It was an adventure from start to finish, but we learned so much in the process, and are so thankful to have a house that’s all ours. You can read the stories of how it all came together here and see the finished product here. There are lots of little blogs in between those two posts with updates, so if those don’t give you enough details just do a little digging and you’ll find more!

Back to today. 6 months. Wow. From the moment we moved in, I started working on making this house a home. I have a whole new respect for those of you who move every few years, because it’s SO hard! I’ve said it before, but I took for granted how settled we were in our last house. It has taken every minute of the last 6 months to just get ourselves unpacked, let alone do some decorating. I’m one of those people who likes everything done yesterday, so seeing unfinished projects or walls without pictures drives me insane!!! And it drives Kyle insane that I have a never ending list of house projects! Besides the fact that I want it all done now, I have a hard time figuring out exactly what I want. Which means I’ve painted and repainted several walls and pieces of furniture already along with purchasing and returning more decor items and lamps than I can count. I currently have two lamps in the guest room that need to go back to Target now! It’s just how I work!

I got to a place with this room where I felt stuck. There was something about my living room decor, that I just didn’t like. So I reached out to one of my dear friends, who recently started an interior design business, and asked her for help. She came in, and in five minutes solved all of my issues!! She had me move the gallery wall I had above the couch into the hallway (that’ll come in a later post), and move the one I was going to put on that wall above the couch. She told me what type of end tables to buy, how tall my lamps should be, and styled my mantle and tables perfectly. She even told me to embrace the toys and style them!!! Who would’ve thought toys and children’s books could be part of your decor! Everything you see is thanks to the handiwork of Stephanie Tidwell Interiors. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to see the big picture and make the small pieces work to achieve that vision. I am SO SO SO thankful to her for helping me with this room!!!!

My favorite vision she brought to life is the gallery wall of our travel pictures. We sit and stare at those pictures almost daily, reminiscing about the adventures we’ve had as a family, and day dreaming about the ones to come! When she presented the idea to me of doing this wall, I only had 6 of the 12 frames because like I said, they were going somewhere else. It took 2 weeks and almost daily target visits by every member of my family to track down the remaining 6 frames, but so worth the effort. It’s my favorite wall in the house!

I’m still working on the other rooms. They’re almost all done minus a piece or two here and there. It’s my goal to finish one new room a month (and of course share them here), until they’re all done!

If you’re interested in any of the pieces you see above here’s a list of where I got them all. If I left something out, just ask in a comment, and I’ll respond:

Interior Designer: Stephanie Tidwell Interiors
Couches & Tall Lamp: West Elm
Small End Table, plant, glass candle holder: TJ Maxx
Frames, Lamps & Gold Urchin: Target
Rug: Lowes
Pillows: IKEA
Quote Prints: Kirklands
Floral Tuffet: Handmade by ME!!!
Paint Color: Moonshine by Benjamin Moore
The remaining pieces like the coffee table, end tables, secretary desk where we store Ada’s toys, vintage dresser, vintage travel trunk mirror, clock, pictures and side table with the aloe plant, we brought with us from the old house! If it’s painted, I did it and would be happy to share info on what I used with anyone who asks!

cafe shutters with curtains photo

mid century target lamps phototravel gallery wall above west elm peggy couch photoraleigh nc mid century living room decor photo
vintage travel trunk as side table photogold glass candle holder photoraleigh nc gallery wall photoaloe plant in the living room photowest elm leather chair photofloral tuffet phototj maxx interior decor photoyoung house love decorating photohow to style your kids toys photoantique furniture cart as coffee table photo
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