May 2, 2019

Petra & Sam

Families, Photographer: Carter

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Wake Forest Maternity Mini Session Photo

I’m fully aware I’m like a broken record about this– but I love maternity pictures!!!!  The excitement couples have, the glow of a pregnant woman, and how absolutely loved that little baby already is! All of those combine together to make a magical evening. Doing this Wake Forest maternity mini session is definitely a highlight of the year!

Petra & Sam embodied this completely!  They came relaxed and ready to have a fun time!  The only hard thing about these shoots is making sure to stop talking long enough to take lots of pictures haha! They are first time parents so we talked, birth, newborns, parenting, pretty much all the topics!! The best part is when I asked her to think about her husband meeting their baby for the first time.  The smile is always the biggest for that question and you can feel the love and excitement!!

While these maternity are sweet, the newborns might be even sweeter with a fresh baby in their arms!!! A.J. will be taking their newborns in just a few short weeks and I can’t wait to see those pictures!!! We love it when families get the full AJDP experience and we get to see all of their stages of life! Stay tuned for that newborn session, I know it will be one you won’t want to miss!!!

If you would like more information about maternity or newborn sessions, contact us here and we will get it to you right away!

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