May 13, 2016

Post Partner Interview

post partner editing service interview photo

This is definitely one of my career highlights. When Post Partner came to me, and asked to interview me, my heart skipped a beat! They’d read some of my recent blogs about living with a purpose, being an artist, and Darling Wedding Workshop, and wanted to share more about those topics with their readers. I think that’s what made me happy. Not only was it a huge compliment, I mean, they work with TONS of photographers, and they asked ME, little old me for an interview, but they also wanted to hear my heart! They wanted me to share what really matters in life. Not just how did I take that pretty photo, but what is the driving force behind everything I do.

I’m not going to spoil it, because that’d defeat the purpose of doing the interview. But I do want to encourage you to head over to their blog by clicking here or clicking on the word interview above, and reading it. I don’t want you to read it to convince you I’m a good interview, toot my own horn, or anything of the sort. I want you to read it, because I’m hoping something I wrote will touch your heart. Maybe give you a little spark to chase your dream and live life to the fullest.

If you read that one and need a little more, be sure to check back in to the blog next week for another post on the purpose behind the business side of things over here. In the meantime check out this short interview I did a few weeks ago for a local vendor friend, Raleigh Calligraphy! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of sharing my heart!